Bethany’s 3-Month Progress Report

If you’re super detail oriented, you’ll notice that it’s only May 13th and I’m posting my 3-month warning post a day early.  Why?  Because tomorrow I’m going to be traveling and I wanted to make sure this got posted.  First of all, how do we only have 3 months left to get all our items done?  What in the world!!!  It’s flown by so fast.  And since Mary-Hall stole my 6-month format when she did her 3-month update post last week, I thought it only fair to basically steal her post and re-write it with my info. So here we go.

Color Key & Statistics

  • List Items Completed – 8 (27%)   (Comically…the same number Mary-Hall has finished)
  • Partial List Items Completed – (No. of X’s)  13 out of 24  (54%)
  • List Items Begun in Some Form or Fashion – 11 (37%)
  • List Items I Haven’t Spent Any Time On – 11 (37%)

And here’s the latest on every single item:

Goal Progress
1. Visit a new country DONE! We loved our snorkel excursion in Belize!
2. Run (complete) a 1/2 marathon DONE! I still can’t believe I ran 13.1 miles!
3. Read 8 books PARTIAL! 4 books down, and 2 halfway completed.
4. Learn to use a circular saw DONE! And we use our new memo board all the time!
5. Visit a new state or major city NOPE.  Unless you count that I updated the list item itself last week.  (I don’t count it)
6. Cook 8 new recipies PARTIAL! I’ve cooked 5 new things so far!
7.Re-upholster an arm chair or make a piece of furniture PROGRESS!  I was hoping to finish this before the home tour…but didn’t.  It’s currently half-finished in our shed.
8. Learn to change the oil in my car NOPE.  And sadly, I need an oil change today….but I’m gonna have to go one more round w/Firestone.
9. Loose 10 pounds PROGRESS!  I’ve lost between 5-8 pounds so far.  Gotta love it when you fluctuate.  😦
10. Sew a Christmas Stocking NOPE.  Haven’t so much as bought fabric.
11.Go caffeine-free for 7 days straight NOPE.  And I’m about to go make a cup of coffee right this moment….
12. Stop biting my nails DONE!  And I LOVE it!  My hands feel so pretty all the time!
13. Write a song NOPE.  But it might happen soon…I have a trick or two up my sleeve.
14. Stain master closet organizer NOPE.  Sigh.
15. Surprise my husband DONE!  He LOVED his birthday trip to New Orleans!
16. Taste 8 new foods PARTIAL!  I’ve tried 4 new things and liked most of them!
17. Blog more regularly DONE! All over this.  I think this is post 47!!
18. Take a yoga class NOPE.  Groupon purchased.  Groupon expired.  sigh.
19. Do a service project involving music and kids PROGRESS!  I’ve got something in the works!  Can’t wait for the big reveal!
20. Take a cooking class NOPE.  Although I have perused the Whole Foods Cooking school website on numerous occasions.
21. Learn Bach’s Concerto No. 2 PROGRESS!  I’ve worked on several “tricky spots” although I won’t be posting any performances on the web soon.
22. Memorize the Book of James PROGRESS!  I know 1:1-8.   Sigh.
23. Watch Gone With The Wind DONE!  My friend Annie and I loved watching this classic flick.
24. Learn Conversational Spanish NOPE.  I do have a friend who is a Spanish tutor…
25. Read through at least Luke 13 in the Bible PROGRESS!  While I’m currently 17 days behind…I was an entire month behind, so I’ve caught up some…
26. Create a daily schedule NOPE.  Although this would probably help me finish my list!
27.Eucharisteo PROGRESS!  This one is going to have a big reveal when it’s finished!  And I’ve loved practicing thankfulness.
28. Take a “family history tour” of Lincoln County, TN NOPE.  Hopefully hubs and I can schedule this one soon.  Can’t wait to take a mini road trip!
29. 30 days of no iPhone games DONE!  But since then, I’ve played approximately 5 hours of Angry Birds Space. Old habits die hard.
30. Complete a sprint length triathlon PROGRESS!  I’ve kept up my running (mostly) and I’m thrilled that I’ll be doing my first training swims this week!


I totally agree with Mary-Hall that this blog has made discipline seep into all areas of my life!  Here are some non-list-item things I’ve accomplished:

*ordered a plain steak taco and then ate it anyway when they handed me a taco with slaw, goat cheese and some sort of marmalade.  And kind of liked it.

*sold a bunch of things on Craigslist instead of sticking them in the shed.

*recovered a bunch of throw pillows.

*attempted to return all emails the day I get them (when possible)


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4 responses to “Bethany’s 3-Month Progress Report”

  1. Katy says :

    Hi Bethany! I’ve been following your blog–so fun to see what you are up to!

    I was going to make a stocking suggestion of using felt (real wool or partial wool, not the craft type you can get at Joanne. You can make super-cute ones and then it’s easy to add when little additions come to the family. Here is a picture of some of the ones I made a few years ago: — since then I finished a cute owl one for myself, but can’t find a picture at the moment! I mostly copied from ones I saw on Garnett Hil that I was NOT going to pay $60/each for. This is where I got the felt:

    Anyway, just an idea! I wanted to make stockings forever, but was held back because I wanted them all to coordinate. This way I can add to it when I need to and they are all similar enough to suit me 🙂 I want to make one with a little applique of our dog, but haven’t attempted it, yet!

    Also, I am putting in a vote for Minnesota as a new state to visit 🙂

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Thanks for following along. 🙂 It’s been an interesting past few months for sure. I LOVE your stockings! They are fantastic! I haven’t quite decided what I want mine to look like, but I too refuse to pay crazy amounts of money for something that we only display for a month out of the year. I’d love to do something travel related for Keith and probably something with birds on it for me (I’m sort of obsessed with birds.) We’ll see. Anyway. Thanks for the felt tip! I’ll totally check it out. And if I make it to Minnesota….I’ll let you know. 🙂

      p.s. while looking through photo albums at mom and dad’s this weekend for some “foto friday” ammo, i found some hilarious pictures of us from 5th grade. loved the stroll down memory lane!

  2. Katy says :

    Hey Bethany…I meant to respond to this long before now 🙂 Love your stocking theme ideas! I’m actually planning a bird one for baby–maybe I should start now to get it done by Christmas! If I do, I’ll send you picture.

    Ack! I would love to see the pictures–such fun times! Why in the world did you move??

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