Foto Friday – Episode 19

Well, this is my first mobile blog post. Today’s photo is a first because it’s basically in real time, rather than from the archives. Yup, Bethany and I were both home for Mothers Day and our mothers thankfully still live in the same town. We just almost missed each other due to lack of communication but it all worked out. Here’s the pic:


And one more thing, while home we both scoured the attic and now there is PLENTY more awkwardness in the hopper for Foto Friday. Yay!!

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2 responses to “Foto Friday – Episode 19”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    I loved getting to see you and that sweet boy of yours….and I love that now all our blog readers know that those two awkward teenage girls they’ve seen dozens of photos of grew up into nice, normal looking women. Please think of us this way. 🙂

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