Keeping My Head Above Water

Yesterday, we took 5 Kenyan Compassion LDP students to a friend’s house on the water for a fun lake day.  It was awesome to watch them float around in their life vests, get brave enough to do flips off the dock, and try their hand at tubing and riding the jet-ski.  It was an amazing day to relax, hear more about their stories and enjoy time together.  And did I mention we were on a lake?  Yeah, you know where this is going.

My workouts have suffered severely since the triumph of my 1/2 marathon (which can you believe was 3 weeks ago already? Time flies!) and that sprint-length triathlon that I added to my list has been looming large.  It also occurs to me that I’m supposed to be losing 10 pounds, and sadly, I’ve put a good bit of the 8 pounds I’d lost back on.  So yesterday when everyone else had headed up for a snack and a quick bread, I decided it was time for my first training swim.  The tri I’ll be doing is an open-water swim (meaning it’s in a lake/river as opposed to a pool) and while I was planning on doing my training swims at the Vanderbilt University pool, I’ve been told that it’s important to do a few open water swims during your training since the environment is so different from a pool and competitors can freak out on race day if they’ve never experienced open water.  There was a dock not too far off, so I struck out across the water using the best form I could remember from the swim lessons I took when I was 10.

Let me tell you, swimming is HARD!  I didn’t need rescuing, but I did stop on several occasions and tread water until I caught my breath a little.  I wasn’t wearing a heart rate monitor, but I’m positive mine was about to set some sort of beats-per-minute record.  I’ll for sure be getting in the pool a good bit for the next few weeks or this girl won’t be finishing any sort of anything.

Also on the training front, my friend Amy who cheered me on when I ran the 1/2 talked me into running the Ellie’s Run for Africa 5K in downtown Nashville this morning.  We had a blast running and then “running into” lots of friends as we munched on free bananas and mini doughnuts after the race.  My “take home lesson” for the morning was the importance of proper nutrition and training!  I know this sounds crazy, but I was so un-prepared for this morning’s run that I actually had an easier time running 13.1 miles last month than I did running 3.1 this morning!  I finished somewhere between 35 and 36 minutes (Amy kicked my butt with an awesome finish time of 33:35 in her first ever race!).  As I crossed the finish line, I realized that in a month, I’ll be adding a 12 mile bike and a 1/4 mile swim to that!  Whew!  I better get training!

Amy and I just pre-race. Ready, ready, ready…..ready to run!

P.S.  I’m double blogging today….check out my entry at “On The Road With Ronnie Freeman and the Band!”  I wasn’t the only Ronnie Freeman Band member to run this morning!

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