23. Make a life list

I am the perennial list maker.   I have a 30×30 list item related to creating another list.  That’s mostly because when making my 30×30 list, I thought of several awesome things that just weren’t really feasible  in the time frame… ie. trip to Israel.  Also I have this habit of thinking up great ideas and spending too much mental energy trying hold them in my head and not forget them.  And lawd knows I’m running out of room up there QUICKLY.  So to combat that problem, I decided to make a life list to keep up with this stuff.

Without further ado,  here is my current life list:

See the northern lights
Go to the Holy Land
Spend a Christmas in England

Learn another language – French?
Own a real piano and learn to play:
….Dancin in the moonlight
….I want you back – Jackson 5
Create an iphone or ipad app

Work as an engineer in another country
Be self-employed

Design my own fabric and make something out of it
Make a dollhouse (hope I have a daughter, otherwise it’ll be weird when I have to play with it by myself)
Stencil a wall

Spend either a Christmas or Thanksgiving “Little Women”-style
Own a working typewriter
Renovate a really old house (for my bed-n-breakfast.)


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