Foto Friday – Episode 20

Bethany’s post from this week gave me some much needed inspiration for this week’s Foto Friday / stroll down memory lane.

Epic historical house tour!  Hang on to your hats folks.

So first up, Flowood Futon Apartment.  We lived here for one summer, when we were 20 and then turned 21.  See previous Foto for that event.  Both single, both poor, good times.

Memorable because:

  • We had futons everywhere. a la “Oh you’re staying in town all summer? Can you store my dormroom futon?”
  • Sketchy creepers were also everywhere, especially at the pool.  And some were brought into the apartment.
  • Four girls lived in two bedrooms. This resulted in extreme cross closet shopping every morning.
  • We ate lots of pop ice and plain chicken fingers (Bethany) cooked on the george foreman grill.
  • Bethany was working at a Lilly Pulitzer store.  I was working at a factory (with my future husband).
  • I installed a dimmer switch in the dining area because the lights were too bright.  And I uninstalled it when we moved out.
  • I was still semi-serious about practicing the banjo.  Unfortunately for my roommates I was following my teacher’s advice that I only focus on one song at a time and even more unfortunately, that song was “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain”.

Next, Redwing Avenue Cottage.  I think we were about 23 when we lived here.  Its late and I’m getting confused about years and ages.  Anyway, our third roommate was the home owner and landlord.

Memorable because:

  • We were both working full-time at real jobs.
  • We each had our own bedroom, right next to each other.  Bethany’s was cute although quite full.  She still has some of that furniture.  Mine looked like a serious disaster area.  Barely any furniture, stuff stacked all over the floor, and a hideous comforter. I bet that drove the landlord/roomie absolutely nuts.  The rest of the house was really really cute.
  • We used to get in trouble for turning the heat above 65 degrees.  (still poor.)
  • The neighborhood was cute too.  Some of the scenes from the movie “The Help” were filmed there.
  • We spent lots of time at a nearby specialty soda store, upscale consignment shop, etc etc.
  • Moe’s (Welcome to Moe’s) started offering a ladies’ night deal on kid’s meals – buy one get one free.  That meant we could eat for $2 a piece.  Guess how often we went?
  • In summary, we’re now basically grown ups and acting just like it.
  • Also, apparently shrunken cardigans were IN. See photo.

And finally, Pistachio Acres.  Bethany scored a FREE place to stay (still poor!) as our next destination.  We moved here after living at the previous place for 9 months or so.  So still 23/24 ish.  This place was WAY out in the country, about 20 miles from anywhere that either of us needed to be.  But it was FREE.  And at that time, kids, gas was less than $2/gallon.  I can’t remember exactly how long she stayed, but at some point, she left me for the bright lights of Nashville and obviously has never turned back.  I remained the sole caretaker of Pistachio Acres until my wedding in 2007.

Memorable because:

  • We had to mow our own grass.  We did it redneck style in swimsuits and flipflops.  Might as well multi-task.
  • We had a hammock, but if you went out there you’d get carried off by mosquitos.  Bethany bought two little sad tiki torches.  Not effective.
  • We had 3 bedrooms for just the 2 of us.  2 upstairs, 1 down.  So we shared the downstairs bedroom in order to conserve electricity.  We were SO cheap that summer.  We used the air conditioner VERY sparingly.  Maybe never.  I can’t remember.  It was really hot.
  • To be cheaper still, we also tried air drying our clothes.  The electric dryer cost almost $1 per load!!! (I was just getting into my job and had just learned how to calculate this sort of thing.)
  • We hung our laundry on a clothes line on the front porch.  The relative humidity is 95%, for 95% of the time, in Mississippi in the summer.
  • Everything started to smell mouldy… The house, the clothes, the towels, the bedsheets… We re-instated use of electricity.
  • On occasion, our landlords (two middle aged doctors) would come to spend the weekend.  They stayed in the two upstairs bedrooms with their kids.  It was majorly awkward.
  • We still ate lots of pop ice (it was so hot!) but by now we were using spices on our chicken fingers.

The end!

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  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    um, this is AMAZING! I laughed so hard at all of it. I had forgotten about the george forman grill, the Ladies night at Moe’s (which we SO abused), the pop ice (no wonder we were so skinny! we lived off pop ice!) I love it. Well done.

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