Eyes on the Unlikely Prize

So I decided somewhat spur-of-the-moment to run a 5K yesterday morning.  Hubs was out-of-town, I needed to get a run in that day anyway, and I figured a race would be the most fun way to do it.  I found one about 15 minutes from my house and laced up my running shoes.

It was a pretty small race….probably about 200 people, and the course was a down-and-back sort of thing with some rolling hills, but nothing crazy like running in downtown Nashville.  I normally try to pace myself well, but when I realized I’d run the first mile in about 9 minutes (fast for me) and that there were only 10 women in front of me, I decided to turn it up a notch and try to set a personal record.  All was going well and I was totally on track to beat my own time when of course I took a wrong turn near the very end and had to backtrack, costing me about 3 minutes.  My official clock time was 35:14.  I was super disappointed at not setting a personal record, but I knew I’d finished 12th overall out of women (I’d counted carefully….so competitive) and so I decided to stick around for the awards just to see.

When they called out the winner of “Women 20-29” I was amazed to hear my name!  I won a certificate and an iTunes gift card which I’m treasuring on account of the fact that I have a feeling this will be my one and only win in the racing department…..EVER….(and to be fair, my time wasn’t great and I lucked out by having a small age division of only about 15 women, who all happened to run slower than I did yesterday)….but I was on cloud nine all day long anyway.  Especially after the disappointing running-the-wrong-way mishap, it was nice to come away with the win!

First place: Women’s 20-29 division! What!?

Also in the wide world of sports, Triathlon training officially starts tomorrow!  I’m once again using a Hal Higdon program (Triathlon 1) because his training programs are so simple to follow and seem to work well and make sense. I did my first swim this weekend as well, although I think I look more like Amelia Earhart than an Olympian. It went better than it might have and I got some free coaching from a bored/helpful lifeguard….but I’ve got a long way to go before July 22!

Ready to hit the pool. I’ve got a looooooooong ways to go in that department.


***UPDATE: You can view the official 5K race results online HERE.  Looks like I only won my age-group by a second!  Crazy!

Official Race Results!



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2 responses to “Eyes on the Unlikely Prize”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    I love the Amelia Earhart comparison, although her flying helmet had ear flaps and a strap I believe! 🙂 Regardless, congrats on your big win! And only time will tell whether it’s your only one.

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