Staying on Schedule

Schools are out or almost out.  The month of May is about to bid us farewell.  The weather in Nashville has become unbearably hot.  All these things point to the rapid approach of our birthdays and there’s lots left to be done.  So I decided this past Sunday night to prepare to cross off several list items by crossing off a list item:

26. Create a daily schedule

I don’t work an 8-5.  I’m either out on the road, or I’m home; and when I’m home, I sometimes have trouble managing my time.  This blog project has helped a great deal: it’s given me a reason to be productive and to get things done that I’ve been intending to do for a long time but probably would have never gotten to had I not had a deadline.  My time management has certainly improved, but I’m still not good with time-budgeting on a daily basis.  I tend to choose one thing to focus on and then I spend my entire day on that project.  For some projects, this isn’t terrible, but some things can’t be done all at once.  Like running for example.  You can’t prepare to run a 1/2 marathon in one day.  You have to put in a little time every day.  Several of my remaining goals (the Bach Concerto, conversational Spanish and the Book of James to name a few) are of the little-bit-every-day variety.

Even though I made the schedule two days ago, I launched it this morning.  I just got out of the shower from having run 4 miles and had a few minutes left of “shower time” so I decided to get in a quick blog post.  Obviously there will be days that I’ll have to adjust if I have a special event, or if I’m on the road or vacation.  But for the days when I’m at home and I don’t have any specific scheduled event, I finally have a framework for how to spend my time; one that factors in all the things I want and need to be spending time on every day, and also leaves room for things that might come up unplanned (because, let’s face it, unplanned things ALWAYS come up!)

Bethany’s Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:00 AM Wake Up, Breakfast
8:15 AM Workout: (per training schedule)
10:15 AM Shower/Dress
11:00 AM Misc Cleaning, Chores, Etc.
12:00 PM Lunch
12:45 PM Violin Practice
2:00 PM Bible reading
3:00 PM Spanish & James Memorization
4:00 PM Blog/Read/Blog Projects
5:00 PM Cook Dinner & Free Time
11:00 PM Bedtime

I also created another type of schedule yesterday.  I know I said that I was planning on using Hal Higdon’s Triathlon training schedule, and in some ways I still am.  But….dum da dum…..I’ve decided to run a second 1/2 marathon.  And unfortunately, the 1/2 falls on the exact same day as my triathlon, so obviously something had to be re-scheduled.  I found another sprint tri that looked exciting that I’ve decided to do instead….but it’s only 4 weeks away (and the 1/2 is 8 weeks away.)  And since Hal doesn’t seem to have a program for simultaneous training for a sprint tri and a 1/2 marathon in 4 & 8 weeks, I took weeks 5-8 of the tri program and married them with weeks 5-12 of the 1/2 program and came up with the program below.

My customized training schedule.

(Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy…there is nothing I love more than a legal pad and a No. 2 pencil.)  Am I crazy to simultaneously train for a 1/2 and a tri?  Probably.  But nothing I enjoy better than a good challenge.  Speaking of a challenge….

I’m also working on my caffeine-free week, which by my definition equals: no caffeinated coffees, teas or sodas and no chocolate.  I’m on Day 3 of 7 today, so I’m only 4 days away from checking off  Number 11!

Question: How do you guys manage your free time?


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5 responses to “Staying on Schedule”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    WHAT FREE TIME???? 🙂

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Okay, just kidding. First of all, I love that you’re doing the schedule thing, because it really does help keep from wasting time. I make lists of to-do’s, as they occur to me (check Mom’s Rx, Miracle Grow the flowers, etc.), then check them off over several days, also making shorter-term to-do lists if I have to run errands (bank, P.O., pick up Rx, etc.).

    My Bible sits by the dining room table, so I can read, even if it’s for short chunks of time, besides the longer amounts of time for preparing lessons, etc.
    I make “recreation” in the form of dog-walking, dancing, etc. a PRIORITY. It is not just some fun to fill in “free time.” If I didn’t make it a priority, it would be too easy to let the day slip by. These activities are as important for my physical (and mental) health as brushing my teeth.

    That’s probably more information than you wanted! By the way, I love your blended workout schedule.

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    P.S. Let me know how you do with de-caffeinating !

  4. bethanybordeaux says :

    Momma – I love that you keep yourself going. If I’m half as active as you are when I reach your age, I’ll be happy. 🙂 Going decaf is going well so far…I did have a soda craving tonight, so I grabbed some decaf soda and went for it. 🙂 And glad you like the blended workout! I’m really excited about it and think that I’ll end up in even better shape since I’m adding in the bike riding, weightlifting and swimming. It’s certainly a better total body workout than just running. Wanna join in? 🙂

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