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The Armoire Overhaul

Since we’re honoring Mary-Hall’s big move this week, I thought I’d do a post on organization.  (I figured, she’ll be doing lots of that over the next few weeks!)

One of my list items was 7. Re-upholster an arm chair or build a piece of furniture.  You may remember that I started my re-upholstry process, and then even did some more work on it, but alas the chair still sits unfinished in my shed.  I promise I’ll remedy that before August 14th.  This girl WILL finish her list!  Anyway.  Inspired by Mar-Hall’s organization and my desire to build furniture (although I am NOT checking #7 off my list… sir….waiting until that chair gets finished!) I decided to tackle an old friend that had been taunting me for a while now.  Let me introduce you:

This is honestly one of my favorite pieces of our furniture.  My husband purchased it a while ago (before we even met) at this great import place in Franklin, TN called PD’s.  When I first met him, this armoire was hanging out in his dining room.  Then, during a re-decorating spree, he threatened to sell it. Read More…

Foto Friday – Episode 25

Since we gave you an overdose of high-school awkwardness over the past three weeks with our trip-to-England mini-series, I thought I’d give you a bit more adult photo for this week’s installment of Foto Friday.

In honor of Mary-Hall’s currently-occurring move to Jackson, MS, I thought I would post a photo in hommage to that move.  This picture is a bit more recent, I think we’re all about 20 or 21….MH can correct me on an exact date since based on her haircut, I’m pretty sure this was post-her-trip to China….but I’m pretty sure this was from the summer we lived in the apartment-o-futons.  I know it was taken in the basement fellowship hall of First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi.  Jessica (far right) and I were devout members of the College Ministry at FBC for several years, and apparently we talked MH into coming with us on this particular night.  And of course we had to take a “room-mate photo” while we were there.

Jessica and her husband are still in Jackson which makes me a little sad that now both my favorite girls are there and I’m 7 hours away.  But on the bright side, now I can make one trip to see both friends.  Which is wonderful. I guess I should insert a little Johnny and June here…..a little “I’m going to Jackson….”

Me, Mary-Hall, and our then-roomie and now dear friend Jessica …. circa 2002?


So thankful for these women who know me well, know my junk and my strengths and love me anyway.

The Mystery Revealed

Bethany alluded to my busy week and its true, busiest week month ever. The reason?  The Johnsons are moving – selling our house and leaving Colorado.  Tomorrow.  We’ll pull into Mississippi on Friday.  This has been secretly in the works since mid-May and its been quite the roller-coaster of emotions and decisions.  We elected not to tell almost anyone until the last possible second for a few reasons… First, the sale of the house seemed on the verge of collapsing quite a few times.  More importantly, we hate saying goodbye and we wanted to avoid it as much as possible.  But alas, we sign the house contract in 2.5 hours and that will be that.


I have so many posts to write, such as “how to sell your house to crazy people” and “loading your uhaul truck on the hottest weekend in Colorado history”.  And I will, once we get to the other side.  For now, I’m still somewhat in a state of mild shock and unable to fully process all that is going on.   No worries, I have a 21-hour drive in my near future and that will provide ample time for processing and mental blog writing.

By the way, this was my secret unnamed #28 – Move to Mississippi.

Oh Colorado, we will miss you for some many reasons, such as:

  1. Our church family. Our church here EBBC has literally been our Colorado family.
  2. Ransom’s nanny. She has been with us since he was 5 months old and she’s a perfect fit for our family. We will miss her.
  3. The low humidity. How lovely it is to be able to blowdry and straighten my hair in half an hour. This will not happen in Mississippi.
  4. Not having air conditioning. Windows open, cool breeze blowing on a summer night, Colorado heaven.
  5. Close proximity to a major metro area. Sorry Jackson, its just not the same.
  6. My office. I love my job (and I’m keeping it) but I’ll sure miss the atmosphere and my co workers.
  7. Living 3 minutes from Lowes, Target, and the grocery store. Mississippi is so much more spread out.
  8. Super helpful postal workers. When you go to the PO here, a nice man will tell you all your options and which are faster and which are cheaper, etc etc. That, uhm, is not quite how it works in Mississippi.
  9. Curb side recycling. Maybe they have that in Mississippi by now, who knows.
  10. The view. Always nice to look at mountains while driving in to work.
  11. Public transit. Sure gonna miss my bus pass.
  12. Our house. It was our first child, particularly the kitchen. I promise to post some of the ‘for sale’ pictures.
  13. All the lovely seasons. I know, maybe I love the weather here a little too much. The snow is generally awesome though. And spring. And fall. And most of summer.
  14. Meeting up with random old friends who are visiting the Denver area. Or are stuck at the Denver airport.
  15. Direct flights.  Not really possible from anywhere in Mississippi.

And things I won’t miss

  1. Feeling like our family is stuck in limbo. This move has been just over the horizon for too long. I’m relieved that its finally happening.
  2. Spending all our vacation time traveling to Mississippi.
  3. The food. Sorry coloradoans, but there’s a reason Mississippi is the fattest state.
  4. The lack of water.  Yes this goes hand in hand with the humidity, I know.  But I’m still ready to not feel guilty for letting my kid play in the faucet.

So, I need to get back to packing the truck. In the midst of all this I’ve also rounded out my list by deciding that #29 must be “Take a Sabbath rest”. Inspired by that last book I read, I have realized that this is what I need more than anything else right now. Wowzers we are tired. Almost done though!

Blueberries, Blueberries: a recipe and book recommendation all in one post

Mary-Hall is having a crazy week which I know she’ll tell you all about later, so I’m taking advantage of her busy-ness to post a few things I’ve had in the works.  Hope you don’t mind the extra dose of Bethany-Blogging.

Keith and I picking blueberries with his step-dad Rick (his mom was behind the camera!)

When we were in South Carolina last week we picked 21 pounds of blueberries.  That’s right.  21 POUNDS.  What are you going to do with all those berries you say?  Well, um… them of course.  Keith and I brought all 21 pounds home in a cooler and began the process of drying them and freezing them so they would keep.  If you open our freezer, you’ll see 6, 1-gallon bags of blueberries all tasty and ready to be eaten.  Read More…

The Tasting Poll

With the addition of Eggplant to my list of foods I’ve tried, I’ve only got two more X’s to go before I can cross off the whole list item! In case you’d forgotten, the goal is: 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month).  But I need your help!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned something about my food-tasting on Facebook and the response was overwhelming!  My friend Meredith suggested that I put it to a vote.  So I went through the list and pulled out the things that I haven’t tasted.  (Let me clarify…the goal is to try foods I’ve never eaten, NOT eat foods I’ve already tried and know I don’t like!  haha.)  And from there I whittled it down to just a few suggestions and then I created a poll from there.  So here’s YOUR job……VOTE!  Help me pick what my last two new foods should be by selecting an option below.  [You should be able to vote as many times as you like, and choose more than one option.]

You’ve got a week to vote, and then I’ll post the results and get tasting!  And for your enjoyment, I’ll leave you with a look at what was posted on my Facebook wall. Read More…

Giving #30 a tri……

First of all, let me say that triathletes are beasts.  I can’t fathom being as ridiculously in shape as one needs to be to actually BE a triathlete.

After I finished my 1/2 marathon in May, my friend Emily suggested I try a sprint-length triathlon.  I’d almost done a little mini-tri at a camp I worked at in 2004, but I forgot to set an alarm and slept through it.  Ever since then I’ve thought it would be really cool to do one, but never thought I actually would.  Of course I never thought I could run 13.1 miles either.  I didn’t even know what a sprint tri involved so Emily educated me that there are several distances in the triathlon world, Sprint (the shortest), Olympic (mid-length), Half-Iron Man (this is what the “70.3” bumper stickers mean) and Ironman or Ultra Distance (insanely long….this length involves a 2.4 mile swim, a full marathon run (26 miles) and a 110 mile bike.)  She was training for one the end of July, so I added it as a list item…

30! Complete a “sprint-length” triathlon

…and figured I had 2 months to figure out how to conquer this thing.  But then my calendar changed when I decided to run the Chicago Rock-N-Roll Half marathon in July, and I had to pick another tri to train for.  The only other one in Nashville before my birthday happened to be this morning….which at the time I signed up, gave me a mere 4 weeks to train.  So I re-figured my training schedule, and decided to go for it anyway.  Basically, my “training” ended up being that I ran alot.  And then fit in half-hearted swims when I could and a few bike rides.  I was certainly not prepared for the bike or the swim portion of this morning’s competition the way I should have been.  And I’ll admit that as I stood in line waiting to go into the water this morning, I almost ran away, packed up, and went home.  But then I realized I’d have to write a blog about how I wussed out and that didn’t seem like a very fun thing to do. Read More…

Foto Friday – Episode 24

Today is the last episode of the trilogy of Foto Fridays from our pivotal 9th grade tour of the UK.  Catch the first two here and here.  In summary, Bethany and I traipsed around a foreign country being our typical nerdy selves.  We had a blast and without this trip – who knows?  TwoGirlsTurningThirty might not even exist.  The trip was certainly a bonding experience.  Just look how much we love each other:

Read More…

Eggplant Parmesan with a side of Swoopy Bangs

June 18th was a big day.  Not only did I finish another book, but I tasted a new food.  And checked off an item that wasn’t even on my list, but in retrospect probably should have been.

Hubs and I made a last-minute trip to South Carolina on Sunday to see his family and while we were there, we cashed in a gift card to Travinia Italian Kitchen we’d received as a Christmas present.  The food was amazing, and I decided to seize the day and order Eggplant Parmesan.

Eggplant Parm from Travinia. Yummy!

Why was this a big deal?  Because I’ve never tasted eggplant before.  And because I don’t really like red sauces.  Read More…

The Blouson Swimsuit

Today I’m taking the blog where it has never gone before – swimsuit fashion trends! So tell me, what’s your take on the blouson swimsuit? I’m swimsuit shopping lately and I was just puzzled by this trend.  Something about it just doesn’t strike me as “flattering”.  Let’s have a little fashion show courtesy of J crew:

All are gorgeous perfect models and the style is doing nothing for them.  And if its doing nothing for them, then what’s it gonna do for me? I think the straight-across neckline exacerbates the problem. And yes it occurred to me that these models would never purchase these suits for themselves.  Perhaps the benefit is more for the everywoman.  I get that.

Anyway the whole concept makes me giggle.  You know why? Because, as has been thoroughly documented here on this blog, I lived through and capitalized on the bloused-out-t-shirt fad of 1992-3.  Never mind that I lived it out in 1995-6.

Ok don’t get too excited, today is Wednesday, not Foto Friday.  We have quite a few days left this week.  Sigh.

I should also point out that I am wearing the same t-shirt in both shots.  Moving right along.

Am I just missing something here?  Is this style actually awesome?  Does the old adage hold true – if you wore a style the first time, you should steer clear when it comes back around?  What if you wore it badly the first time?  A chance to redeem yourself per se.  Tell me your opinion:

And after all this pooh-poohing,  I kinda bought one anyway.

from here

It arrived a couple days ago and you know what?  I love it.  August my husband, not so much.  He doesn’t see any function to the extra fabric or some other logic-y nonsense.  But to me its perfect for more active poolside activities such as chasing a 1.5 year old up and down the steps.  Beach vacation countdown: 24 days.


As you may have noticed, I’ve fallen a little behind on the book-a-month thing. I’d started off strong, and then I got to May. I started my May book, and then this afternoon, June 18th, I finished my “May” book. (Whoops.)

The summer of 2008 I read The Alchemist. It truly changed how I thought about my personal journey and secured a permanent place on my all-time Top 5 list. I started working my way through Paulo Coelho’s entire body of work, often procuring his books on overseas trips as they can be difficult to find in the United States…or even in English for that matter. Besides The Alchemist, I’ve also read Brida, The Witch of Portobello, The Valkyries, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, and The Zahir. In addition, I owned 4 additional books of his that I hadn’t yet read. The most recent addition to my collection was Aleph, which I’d received as a Christmas present from my parents last year.


Read More…

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