Photo-a-Day Challenge

Item #7 for me is to learn how to use my “fancy” camera – a $200 Canon Digital Rebel ebay purchase.  I reaching a frustration boiling point with my old point-n-shoot camera – frustration that my little boy was growing up and all his baby pictures were turning out to be semi-terrible.  At first the dSLR wasn’t much of an improvement (further frustration) but I’ve improved a bit since then. Definitely have some more learning to do though.  So, I’m challenging myself to use the camera everyday in the month of June, and post one here to the blog so I can track my progress.  I can already tell that I won’t be able to post the pics every day, but maybe every 3 days so.  And no photoshop-ing – just pictures straight from the camera.  I have lots to work on, like getting my after-market flash to work, holding the camera steady indoors, getting my timing right so I don’t always get the back of my son’s head, etc.  And I want to try a mix of portraits, landscape, etc.  Keep it interesting.

I started the challenge on 6/1.  Conveniently June has 30 days, which means 30 photos, which is perfect for the blog.  DUH! Here are the first three photos from 6/1 through today.  All tips and criticism are welcome!!

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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Great idea, M-H! As far as tips and criticisms – there may be some photographers who could give you some tips – but when it comes to pictures of kids and animals, what possible criticism could there be besides “cute cute cute!!!”

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