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My mission to organize all drawers and closets is proving to be harder than originally anticipated.  You know what else is harder than I anticipated?  Writing an interesting blog post about organizing drawers.  Sorry.

So anyway I keep cleaning out and it all keeps cluttering back up.  But progress is progress and I’m claiming it.  First, I started here in January. Bethany gave me some great tips, and I put a bunch of them in to practice. Such as:

Put things where you need them.   This was a philosophical shift for me. My previous mindset was that organization equated to having all items of one type in the same place.  I had 12 chapsticks in that one drawer.  What good is that?  Put each one where you might actually use it.  Wowzers.  (PS This kinda backfired because I stashed the chapsticks all over the house, in every bag, etc.. For a while I had very moisturized lips.  But then Ransom became OBSESSED with chapstick… and every time he found one he would smash his finger into it and smear it all over.  So he had 12 chapsticks to find and destroy… and he did.)

Use organizers.  Here are a couple of before-n-afters.  Even though we’re not exactly what you would call “perfectly decluttered”, there is progress.

And finally, don’t be such a hoarder!  I’m not a hoarder, really I’m not.  But its so very hard to throw out things that could be useful.  The best remedy to the situation is this: don’t bring the clutter into the house in the first place!  Don’t buy it! Don’t bring it home!  Leave it on the street corner!  Then you don’t have to worry about keeping it forever OR throwing it out.  And as for what IS in the house, I need to realistic with myself about what I will actually use and what’s just being hoarded.  And that brings us to the great makeup bin clean out.

Yes, in the bin I found makeup from prom (in 2000). Also found some that I believe Bethany might’ve abandoned at our house back in 2006.  Of course I don’t use this stuff.  Just have it.. Keep moving it around.  NO MORE!  Here’s all that’s left:

I kept the green eyeshadow and the purple lipstick. You know, just in case.

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