Foto Friday – Episode 22

So, where were Bethany and I on this day in 1997?  I don’t know, but most likely sleeping off some jet lag because we had JUST returned from our FIRST trip OUT of the country.  Yes, from May 29 through June 7, 1997 we went on a semi-school-related trip to England and Scotland.  This was HUGE for two small town 9th grade girls like us.  HUGE.  That’s why I keep using so many CAPS.

Bethany was still basically the “new girl” at this point, but the rest of us had known each other for years, back to elementary school or earlier.  The trip included a beloved 8th grade english teacher, 3 ninth graders, 9 eighth graders, and 2 parents.  (And one of those parents is our most devoted subscriber – Momma Daniel!)  Our tour of the country included many important historical and literary sites, lots of charter bus time, and a different hotel almost every night.  We really did have a blast and in the grand scheme of things, I do think it was wise to get us all out of our little small town universe and out into the larger one, even just for a glimpse.  Here we are at the airport, brimming over with excitement.  Well, one of us is.

Note: I made a scrapbook from this trip and that’s why all the pictures are labeled already, in marker and construction paper.  No need to add the little finger-pointers.  Obviously I’ve learned a lot since then.

I would also like to point out what I packed for the trip:

  • t-shirts
  • jeans & denim shorts
  • my TIMBOs
  • that’s all

Timberland boots were reigning supreme at this point in small-town-Mississippi-high-school fashion.  With jeans of course, not with shorts.  Only I would do something like that.  But I was too practical to pack more than one pair of shoes.  That would be silly.  So what you can count on is that I am wearing those darn boots in EVERY SINGLE picture from this trip, even if they’ve been cropped out.  So basically I was like a fashion ambassador.  I’m sure the Brits and my mom were all thrilled.

Here we are both rockin’ the denim shorts.  From Bethany’s t-shirt, you may be able to deduce that we went to the Hard Rock Cafe the previous evening.  While there, we actually saw a famous person – the rapper “Iced Tea”, as I wrote in my journal.  Again, small town folks here.

Here’s my journal clip associated with this picture:

Next we toured the Tower.  Our tour guide was a real, dressed up Yeoman Warder (Beefeater).  We also got to see a guard up close.  We all took pictures.  I know he felt horrible.

When we got back, me and Bethany split a loaf of French bread.  It was delicious.  We sat on the street corner for a while then went to bed.

Man oh man, I crack myself up.  And the best part is, Bethany has a whole other collection of photos from this trip so come back next week for more.  And maybe the week after that too.


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4 responses to “Foto Friday – Episode 22”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    I am oh-so-thankful that both of our fashion senses seem to have greatly improved since 1997. Although, I still have my timberlands (who remembers what song the lyric “creepin’ in my tim-bo’s” comes from? because I don’t.) and would not be afraid to wear them on some sort of hardcore hiking adventure.

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Aww, I’m so flattered to be remembered, considering that on several occasions I struck out on my own (e.g. to walk the York wall) to give my ears a rest. So what’s wrong with the denim shorts and T-shirts – they’re still a part of my wardrobe (well, maybe I don’t quite fit into the ones I had back in those days). And don’t feel bad, I remember writing “Iced Tea” when telling a pen-pal about our trip, and being corrected that it was “Ice T.” Okay, so that just proves we’re civilized and know how to speak and write standard English. By the way, I still have the SAME denim shirt that I wore pretty much the entire trip.
    Thanks for reviving more sweet memories.

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