The Decaf Life: Round Two

So, as you all know, my last attempt at seven straight days of decaffination was almost successful, until I caved to the siren-like call of a cup of hot sipping chocolate.  Which was totally worth it.

While in general, I try not to be a legalist, I felt like this was an instance where I needed to stick to it.  So I went for it again….7 more days of no caffeine.  No Coke.  No chocolate.  No coffee (except a few cups of decaf when i was craving it.)  And I’m proud to say that yesterday, I completed it with success!  So, I’ve officially crossed

11. Go caffeine-free for 7 days straight

off my list.  And I’m having a cup of coffee to celebrate.  It’s how I roll.

Also, because if I ended it here,  this is the shortest blog post I’ll ever write, I’ll leave you with a few teasers of what’s up in my life that will certainly birth blogs to come…..

*I’m ALMOST finally caught up on my Bible reading. Right now I’m camped out in Jeremiah.

*My sprint-triathlon is a mere 11 days away.  What?  #Pleasedon’tletmedrown,pleasedon’tletmedrown

*I baked something new last weekend.  And I’m cooking dinner tonight.

*I un-earthed MY England/Scotland trip photo album.  Get ready for some further high-school fashion highlights.

*I’m exactly halfway through two books at the moment.  And they couldn’t be more different from one another.

*I’m still practicing thankfulness.  And its taking shape into something you probably wouldn’t have thought of.  (I wouldn’t have, but my husband is really cool, and he thought of it.)

*I’ve spent lots of time with some amazing Compassion students the past few days and it reminded me of a really awesome post that I’ve been working on for a while now….time to buckle down and finish….

*I realized I’ve never tasted egg plant…….

What do you guys want to hear about first?  Let me know!


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6 responses to “The Decaf Life: Round Two”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Going caffeine-free is definitely a wise idea and one to be practiced on a regular basis, although I should practice what I preach in that area more frequently. Good for you! Did you feel more relaxed?

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      I did feel like I slept better at night although I’m not sure I felt more relaxed during the day. I’ll take a good night’s sleep any day.

      I do feel a bit cheated however as I just found out that decaf coffee, is NOT caffeine-free. Boo. However, according to the Mayo clinic, a normal cup of Starbuck’s Pike Place roast coffee has 350 mg of caffeine and a cup of decaf Starbuck’s Pike Place roast coffee only has 25 mg of caffeine. So certainly a reduced amount. Still, I feel a little let down….had I known, I would have skipped the 3 cups of decaf I had last week. But I guess I still accomplished a fairly major feat. sigh.

  2. Dreama says :

    Interested to see how you will be practicing “thoughtfulness”.

    I learned that little fact about caffeine from “The Doctors”…who said daytime TV was not educational?

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Dreama – I can’t wait to do my thankfulness post! It’s not quite ready yet, but maybe in about a month I can do a partial reveal.

      Isn’t that unfair about decaf? I really had no idea! I’m glad the Doctors are exposing the truth! haha.

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