Foto Friday – Episode 23

Today we continue to relive our post-9th-grade-jaunt-across-the-pond that Mary-Hall introduced you to in last week’s Foto Friday Post.  Since Mary-Hall gave you a pretty good run-down of the antics that happened on the trip, I’ll base my commentary off the photos that I fished out of the attic.

First off, on our continued look at what it’s like to travel abroad as a 14 year old, we have this lovely “taken-over-the-bus-seat” close up of Mary-Hall.  (It’s MY Foto-Friday….you knew something like this would happen.)  Let me paint you a picture.  I’m sitting in my bus seat in front of MH jamming out to Hanson’s “Middle Of Nowhere” CD snapping photos left and right of random things out our bus window.  And then I swivel around in my seat and say “Smile” and MH obligingly gives me the “oh cool! you’re taking my picture with your new camera that uses Advantix film!” grin you see below. (remember Advantix film!?)

Mary-Hall smiles over the giant blue seat of our charter bus. Based on the sign in the background, we are in “Kenning.”

I chose this lovely photo next because we had lots of conversation last week about how Mary-Hall only wore her Timberland hiking boots on that trip.  (Incidentally, this trip was the very reason I was finally able to persuade my parents to buy me MY very own pair of Timbos.  And some brand new Nike tennis shoes.  So I alternated footwear, unlike MH.)  Here, we are pictured with an authentic, straight-out-of-the-highlands Scottish man, who apparently, was up on the Columbus, MS footwear trends.  Notice the boots he’s rocking?  If I had Mary-Hall’s fancy photo editing software, I would have circled them in hot-pink and put a finger-pointer that said “Timberlands.”

Mary-Hall, The Scottish Man and Me….well, half of me at least.

And now, because I know you’re dying to see the ENTIRE motley crew of us…here’s the closest thing I have to a group photo (the beloved English teacher makes an appearance as the ONLY adult in the photo which leads me to believe that Momma Daniel and the third Mom on the trip must have been balancing the 13 cameras that were undoubtably thrust their way.)   MH- and I are standing next to each other to the far left (I’m STILL rocking the Hard-rock shirt, scrunchie on my right hand, and MH’s hand-me-down Jansport backpack on my back.).  Other notable persons in this photo are Beth (next to Mary Hall), Jonathan (of the three boys, he’s the one in the middle) and Whitney (crouched in the bottom row middle in the orange shirt) who would later be our Oddosey of the Mind (OM) team members starring respectively as the Russian cat, King Khufu the Marvelous Mentor, and the Chinese cat in our competition skit.  If you somehow missed this video monstrosity a few weeks ago, you can check it out here.

The Almost-Group Shot.

And, because I feel like we owe you at least one lovely shot of the amazing countryside that we were so privileged to be able to see at such a young age, here’s an amazing view of the Lake District.  And of course, in the lower right-hand-corner MH and I make a cameo.  I say “cameo”, because clearly the gigantic orange jacket tied around my waist is stealing the show.  Goodness.  Was I planning on sharing my jacket with everyone on the trip…at the same time?  I believe there was actually some talk of “mountain climbing” that day.

Me, my gigantic orange jacket, Mary-Hall and the lake district.

Other memories from that trip?

*Rowing large, red, heavy rowboats on the Thames.  I might have bragged a little to much about my rowing prowess before that excursion, not realizing the weight and steer-ability differences between our little tiny aluminum boat at home and the massive rowboats on the Thames.

*The boys getting in trouble for throwing tiny coffee creamers out the hotel window.  Why? Who knows.  Why do boys do anything?

*Going to see the musical Martin Guere.  I loved it.  I was the ONLY one who loved it.

*Sneaking away from the group with my mom to go see “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged” on stage as well.  It was a fabulous show, and if you ever get the opportunity to see it, please do.

and finally,

*when we went to Windsor, Mary-Hall and I were for some reason allowed to go off on our own.  We found this fabulous little pizza place in the upstairs of this white stucco building (there was a gift shop downstairs where I purchased a tiny violin ornament) where we sat and ate pizza.  By ourselves.  In a foreign country.  We felt like total adults.  The cook was also the waiter, was also the owner, was also legit Italian and made the best pizza ever involving a thin sauce and lots of fresh mozzarella.

There are a few photos left over…we haven’t even talked about our trip to the rebuilt Globe Theater, or any of several castles, etc. etc.  So you might get round three of our trip.  Or maybe not.  We’ll have to see where the wind blows us next week.


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  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    AAAH! I LOVE that hiking / pullover picture. Journal clip: “I skipped lunch so I could go up a big hill. Mrs Daniel, Bethany, Tom, Jonathan, Stefanie, and me climbed way up. The boys made it to the top. Me and Bethany almost did.” Skipped lunch? What were we thinking??

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