The Blouson Swimsuit

Today I’m taking the blog where it has never gone before – swimsuit fashion trends! So tell me, what’s your take on the blouson swimsuit? I’m swimsuit shopping lately and I was just puzzled by this trend.  Something about it just doesn’t strike me as “flattering”.  Let’s have a little fashion show courtesy of J crew:

All are gorgeous perfect models and the style is doing nothing for them.  And if its doing nothing for them, then what’s it gonna do for me? I think the straight-across neckline exacerbates the problem. And yes it occurred to me that these models would never purchase these suits for themselves.  Perhaps the benefit is more for the everywoman.  I get that.

Anyway the whole concept makes me giggle.  You know why? Because, as has been thoroughly documented here on this blog, I lived through and capitalized on the bloused-out-t-shirt fad of 1992-3.  Never mind that I lived it out in 1995-6.

Ok don’t get too excited, today is Wednesday, not Foto Friday.  We have quite a few days left this week.  Sigh.

I should also point out that I am wearing the same t-shirt in both shots.  Moving right along.

Am I just missing something here?  Is this style actually awesome?  Does the old adage hold true – if you wore a style the first time, you should steer clear when it comes back around?  What if you wore it badly the first time?  A chance to redeem yourself per se.  Tell me your opinion:

And after all this pooh-poohing,  I kinda bought one anyway.

from here

It arrived a couple days ago and you know what?  I love it.  August my husband, not so much.  He doesn’t see any function to the extra fabric or some other logic-y nonsense.  But to me its perfect for more active poolside activities such as chasing a 1.5 year old up and down the steps.  Beach vacation countdown: 24 days.

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