Foto Friday – Episode 24

Today is the last episode of the trilogy of Foto Fridays from our pivotal 9th grade tour of the UK.  Catch the first two here and here.  In summary, Bethany and I traipsed around a foreign country being our typical nerdy selves.  We had a blast and without this trip – who knows?  TwoGirlsTurningThirty might not even exist.  The trip was certainly a bonding experience.  Just look how much we love each other:

No idea what we’re doing or looking at, or how Momma Daniel got out of the bleachers to take our picture.  But I do know that I’m wearing my favorite “Star Bellied Sneeches”  t-shirt.  Here’s a better shot of friendship love and Hadrian’s Wall.

So sweet.

And what’s a trip to a castle without a little jail time.  I guess these are our “destitute” expressions.

OMG I could not love this next picture any more.  Look at the sunlight in our hair and both holding Cokes.  And neither wearing a bloused-out youth group t-shirt.

So, I guess we’ll stop here.  There is plenty more awkward fodder from my scrapbook but I think its time to move on. 

Okay one more.  Someone tell me if this is awkward enough to be submitted to Awkward Family Photos.  I feel like its close, but maybe not quite there.  I’m officially adding that to my life list though!  Look at those jeans!

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  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    FYI…..the first photo of us was taken at the (re-built) Globe theater. We didn’t get to see a play, but we did get to watch some actors rehearsing scenes from one of the Henry the 4845382384768325th plays. It was pretty pumped about it because I was a total Shakespeare geek at the time….(and still am a bit.)

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