The Mystery Revealed

Bethany alluded to my busy week and its true, busiest week month ever. The reason?  The Johnsons are moving – selling our house and leaving Colorado.  Tomorrow.  We’ll pull into Mississippi on Friday.  This has been secretly in the works since mid-May and its been quite the roller-coaster of emotions and decisions.  We elected not to tell almost anyone until the last possible second for a few reasons… First, the sale of the house seemed on the verge of collapsing quite a few times.  More importantly, we hate saying goodbye and we wanted to avoid it as much as possible.  But alas, we sign the house contract in 2.5 hours and that will be that.


I have so many posts to write, such as “how to sell your house to crazy people” and “loading your uhaul truck on the hottest weekend in Colorado history”.  And I will, once we get to the other side.  For now, I’m still somewhat in a state of mild shock and unable to fully process all that is going on.   No worries, I have a 21-hour drive in my near future and that will provide ample time for processing and mental blog writing.

By the way, this was my secret unnamed #28 – Move to Mississippi.

Oh Colorado, we will miss you for some many reasons, such as:

  1. Our church family. Our church here EBBC has literally been our Colorado family.
  2. Ransom’s nanny. She has been with us since he was 5 months old and she’s a perfect fit for our family. We will miss her.
  3. The low humidity. How lovely it is to be able to blowdry and straighten my hair in half an hour. This will not happen in Mississippi.
  4. Not having air conditioning. Windows open, cool breeze blowing on a summer night, Colorado heaven.
  5. Close proximity to a major metro area. Sorry Jackson, its just not the same.
  6. My office. I love my job (and I’m keeping it) but I’ll sure miss the atmosphere and my co workers.
  7. Living 3 minutes from Lowes, Target, and the grocery store. Mississippi is so much more spread out.
  8. Super helpful postal workers. When you go to the PO here, a nice man will tell you all your options and which are faster and which are cheaper, etc etc. That, uhm, is not quite how it works in Mississippi.
  9. Curb side recycling. Maybe they have that in Mississippi by now, who knows.
  10. The view. Always nice to look at mountains while driving in to work.
  11. Public transit. Sure gonna miss my bus pass.
  12. Our house. It was our first child, particularly the kitchen. I promise to post some of the ‘for sale’ pictures.
  13. All the lovely seasons. I know, maybe I love the weather here a little too much. The snow is generally awesome though. And spring. And fall. And most of summer.
  14. Meeting up with random old friends who are visiting the Denver area. Or are stuck at the Denver airport.
  15. Direct flights.  Not really possible from anywhere in Mississippi.

And things I won’t miss

  1. Feeling like our family is stuck in limbo. This move has been just over the horizon for too long. I’m relieved that its finally happening.
  2. Spending all our vacation time traveling to Mississippi.
  3. The food. Sorry coloradoans, but there’s a reason Mississippi is the fattest state.
  4. The lack of water.  Yes this goes hand in hand with the humidity, I know.  But I’m still ready to not feel guilty for letting my kid play in the faucet.

So, I need to get back to packing the truck. In the midst of all this I’ve also rounded out my list by deciding that #29 must be “Take a Sabbath rest”. Inspired by that last book I read, I have realized that this is what I need more than anything else right now. Wowzers we are tired. Almost done though!

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5 responses to “The Mystery Revealed”

  1. Kathy says :

    Dear Mary-Hall,

    Wow — we’re leaving Longmont on the same day! Though we didn’t get together nearly as often as I’d’ve liked to, it was good sharing the state with you. Now, if we can prevent it from going up in flames another 24 hours …

    Your neighbor,
    Kathy =)

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    I have so many mixed feelings on this. Although Jackson is geographically closer to me than Boulder was, for some reason I seemed to see you more when you moved to Colorado thanks to random husband-work-trips-turned-highschool/college-friend-reunions. And due to the fact that the trip from Jackson to Nashville just kind of stinks. BUT……This also brings you back into driving distance. And metting-halfway distance. And you’ll-be-at-your-parents’-for-holidays-for-sure-when-we’re-home distance. All of which are AWESOME prospects. I guess that’s the good thing about good friends. Wherever you are, there you are, and wherever you go, there your friendship goes too.

    Go get some rest. And make sure you buy another ceramic deer for the new owners. It only seems right.

  3. Betsy Richardson Pingen says :

    That looks about the same as my list, and having been back in the South 2 years now, I would say it’s about right. I do love that spring comes early here (and that things grow when you plant them) but hate it when it’s hot in October. Have a great move!

  4. Momma Daniel says :

    Colorado’s loss is Mississippi’s gain! Have a safe trip and don’t knock yourselves out – enjoy the drive!

  5. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I refuse to like this post. :p Oh, by the way, you forgot something when you left. He’s black and tan and whining all over. 😉

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