Foto Friday – Episode 25

Since we gave you an overdose of high-school awkwardness over the past three weeks with our trip-to-England mini-series, I thought I’d give you a bit more adult photo for this week’s installment of Foto Friday.

In honor of Mary-Hall’s currently-occurring move to Jackson, MS, I thought I would post a photo in hommage to that move.  This picture is a bit more recent, I think we’re all about 20 or 21….MH can correct me on an exact date since based on her haircut, I’m pretty sure this was post-her-trip to China….but I’m pretty sure this was from the summer we lived in the apartment-o-futons.  I know it was taken in the basement fellowship hall of First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi.  Jessica (far right) and I were devout members of the College Ministry at FBC for several years, and apparently we talked MH into coming with us on this particular night.  And of course we had to take a “room-mate photo” while we were there.

Jessica and her husband are still in Jackson which makes me a little sad that now both my favorite girls are there and I’m 7 hours away.  But on the bright side, now I can make one trip to see both friends.  Which is wonderful. I guess I should insert a little Johnny and June here…..a little “I’m going to Jackson….”

Me, Mary-Hall, and our then-roomie and now dear friend Jessica …. circa 2002?


So thankful for these women who know me well, know my junk and my strengths and love me anyway.

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6 responses to “Foto Friday – Episode 25”

  1. Anonymous says :

    YAY! My futon was one of those you stored! 🙂

  2. Mh says :

    Ok I am driving so can barely type but wanted to add that I talked to Jess on the phone last night. We’re gonna hang out soon and meet each others husbands. Now back to focusing on Oklahoma

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    Boy, it seems like yesterday that you girls were in the thick of “what’s next?” in your lives! So many adventures have occurred for all of you in so few years – and you’re still buddies!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      I think the three of us would agree that we still often feel like we’re in a “what’s next” state of limbo. One would think that would disappear with husbands and babies and home-owership and big-girl jobs….but somehow, it doesn’t….not all the way anyway.

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