The Armoire Overhaul

Since we’re honoring Mary-Hall’s big move this week, I thought I’d do a post on organization.  (I figured, she’ll be doing lots of that over the next few weeks!)

One of my list items was 7. Re-upholster an arm chair or build a piece of furniture.  You may remember that I started my re-upholstry process, and then even did some more work on it, but alas the chair still sits unfinished in my shed.  I promise I’ll remedy that before August 14th.  This girl WILL finish her list!  Anyway.  Inspired by Mar-Hall’s organization and my desire to build furniture (although I am NOT checking #7 off my list… sir….waiting until that chair gets finished!) I decided to tackle an old friend that had been taunting me for a while now.  Let me introduce you:

This is honestly one of my favorite pieces of our furniture.  My husband purchased it a while ago (before we even met) at this great import place in Franklin, TN called PD’s.  When I first met him, this armoire was hanging out in his dining room.  Then, during a re-decorating spree, he threatened to sell it.  I was only the girlfriend at the time, but I managed to use my persuasive powers to convince him to move it to a nook in his kitchen that nothing else really fit in.  So he did.  Then, about 6 months later when I moved into a new apartment with a new roommate, I convinced him to loan us the gentle giant to use as an entertainment center, so it spent the next year in my apartment living room housing various electronics.  When hubs and I got married, the armoire came back to husband’s house with me and took up residency in the kitchen nook once again until we gutted our house and it finally found a place worthy of it’s size and fabulousness in our newly renovated living room.  But then it began a non-fulfilling life as a catch-all.  If you opened up this beautiful piece, you found this sad state of affairs:

Yikes.  I’m almost too embarrassed to even show you all that mess; a bag of old mail, Christmas and Fall scented candles, an empty box, a binder, a Nintendo Wii workout mat, a million tea-light candles, and that’s just scraping the surface.  For years I’ve been saying that all it needed to be a functional storage unit was a shelf.  And that I was just going to make a shelf.  But it sat, shelf-less, for a long time.  And then along came the blog and the age of ACTUALLY DOING THINGS I’VE BEEN INTENDING TO DO!  So one night I hopped in the car and headed to Home Depot.

I got lucky as we already owned the drill, an almost-full tube of liquid nails, long screws, and a sample size can of stain.  All I needed to purchase was the lumber which cost me almost exactly $9. I got right to work making a free-standing shelf so I wouldn’t have to risk drilling unwanted holes in such a nice piece of furniture.  After measuring to make sure that the legs were evenly spaced, I secured them with a blob of liquid nails and let the liquid nails set.  Then I turned the shelf over as you see it pictured above, and put a screw through the top of the shelf and into each leg.  Then I started the staining process making sure I let the stain dry thoroughly.  Then I put the shelf in the armoire and set to work organizing the mish-mosh of things inside it.

It matches so well you can barely even tell I added anything!  I bought a $4 plate-stander-upper-organizer at Wal-Mart (middle shelf, right hand side) and emptied out some serving plates that were crowding my kitchen cabinets.  The million tea lights that were strewn about loose found a new home in a cool glass jar, also $4 at walmart (bottom, middle, back).  Large serving platters also got a new home stacked neatly with protective plastic padding between each layer (bottom, right.)  The board games were re-stacked so that they all fit on the top shelf.  All in all, there was much improvement.    So even though I didn’t check off #7, I did bring organization to my house, and build something furniture-related out of wood.  I love how industrious this blog project has made me!

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7 responses to “The Armoire Overhaul”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Excellent! I’m all for organization (though if you looked in some of our cabinets and closets, you’d never know it!) 🙂

  2. coordinatedkate says :

    Organizing closets/cabinets/armoires feels so great! When people come over you throw stuff in them to get out of the way but you always know behind that door is a mess, so to have it all organized and pretty is awesome! Great job!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Thanks for your comment… made me realize that I’ve got a closet like that….the place where I stuff things when company comes over…..and maybe that needs to be the next thing that I tackle. 😉 it sure could use some help. And you’re right, I love it when you can open even the closets and everything looks neat and pretty. looks like I have a new project!

  3. pbrowder says :

    Great job! I am so glad you convinced Keith to keep that piece as I have always loved it. What a wonderful place to store your stuff neatly so you can find things when you need them.

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      I can’t believe it was almost sold at one point! I think he’s always liked it too, but it never really had a “home” in the old house floor plan. Just the other day though, we commented on what I the world would we have put in that spot if we’d sold the armoire! With the ceilings being so tall now, we need something big to take up that spot. And yes, its the perfect place to keep things stored…..especially serving dishes that I use enough to need them to be handy, but that I don’t use everyday and need the kitchen cabinet space they were occupying for more essential things!

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