Foto Friday: Episode 26

Good thing Nashville is in Central Time Zone or this would be a Foto Saturday post.  Which is probably when most of ya’ll will see this anyway.  Today was a little crazy.

Last time I was at my parents’ house, I brought home a few boxes of my stuff that was lingering in their attic.  Old yearbooks, photo albums, a mailbox that I once painted in bright colors for no real explainable reason, a small stuffed Taco Bell chihuahua that sings.  Stuff, that for some reason I’d never packed in my car and brought with me.  Among the photos I found in those boxes were last week’s gem, a few more that we’ll share in weeks to come, and then this one that I’ve posted below for your viewing pleasure.

All smiles for a classic self-portrait.

At first glance, I had no idea when this photo was taken, but I noticed that the date printed on the back said 8/16/2003 which sounds means we were just barely 21 when this photo was taken…..just a few days after this infamous Wal-Mart Photo Center 21st Birthday Portrait Session.  (If you missed that, you totally need to go check it out.)  It’s the same era as last week’s photo and in case you’ve forgotten, that was during our Flowood Futon Apartment season.  Back then we loved home-made scented candles, and my idea of a DIY project was gluing a pink feather boa to a floor-length mirror and hanging it sideways in the dining room.  Fortunately we’ve come a long way since then; at least in the home-decor department.

And since we’re in the business of old, silly photos and celebrating turning 30 here at the old blog, I’m going to take the liberty of giving a “Happy Thirtieth Birthday!” shout out to my sweet friend Shanna who turns thirty tomorrow (July 7th, 2012).  I got to celebrate her tonight (which is part of the reason I’m tardy on a blog post) and part of the festivities was a “Shanna Through The Years Slideshow” that her sweet husband and our friend Sarah put together.  Of course, this inspired me to unearth some old photos of the two of us which I’ve posted below.  Happy Birthday, Shanna! Here’s to being “thirty and flirty and thriving!” (name that movie and win a free, virtual high-five!)

Shanna and I at PF Changs in March of 2006.

The photo above was taken when Mary-Hall and I were living in the house on Redwing Avenue in Fondren, MS.  I was thinking of moving to Nashville and was making frequent trips there (Shanna, also a Mississippi girl, moved there about a year before I did, so we’d always hang out when I was in town).  I love that in this photo I’m totally wearing Mary-Hall’s sweater.  Aaaah.  The joys of roommate-closet sharing.

This was taken in July of 2006, and while I still drive the little white Hyundai (minus the “W The President” sticker), the sea-green Banana Republic sale-rack skirt and giant cream colored purse both ended up at GoodWill a few years ago.

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2 responses to “Foto Friday: Episode 26”

  1. Mary-Hall says :

    Seems like pictures 1 and 3 were on our fridge over in Clinton… Drove right past there today!

    • bethanybordeaux says :

      Haha. I’m certain they were. Both the picture of us, and the photos with Shanna were favorites there for a while. And I still love them. Still can’t believe you’re back in Jackson! Crazy. When I come visit we’ll have to drive by all of our former abodes just for old times sake. 🙂

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