One Month To Go…..

Today is July 14th which means my birthday is exactly ONE MONTH AWAY!  How did this happen?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I got an email from Mary-Hall saying, “hey…I have this idea….”  I thought I’d take a slightly different approach to this update post as you’ve now seen the same format on a few different occasions and I’d like to keep things fresh.  I’ve taken my list from the B’s List page and pasted it here, but in four different chunks.  Chunk 1 consists of things that I checked off a long time ago.  The links are there so you can refresh your memory if you like!  Chunk 2 consists of things that I’ve accomplished since the last update post when I had 3 months to go!  Chunk 3 consists of things I’ve made progress on, but not completed, and Chunk 4….well, let’s just say I wish there wasn’t a Chunk 4.  I’m not sure how I’ll get to all that in the next few weeks.  And of course, I give you overall stats along the way.  Who doesn’t like stats!?

Chunk 1 – things I finished a while ago (8 items/26.5%)

1. Visit a new country

2. Run (complete) a 1/2 marathon

4. Learn to use a circular saw

12. Stop biting my nails

15. Surprise my husband (somehow)

17. Blog more regularly

23. Watch Gone With The Wind

29. (One week) 30 days! of no iPhone games

Chunk 2 – things I finished since my 3 month update post (5 items/17%)

6. Cook 8 new recipes (one a month)    X X X X X X X X

11. Go caffeine-free for 7 days straight

19. Do some sort of musical & kid-related volunteer project

26. Create a daily schedule

30! Complete a “sprint-length” triathlon

Chunk 3 – unfinished things that I’ve made some progress on

(8 items/26.5%)

3. Read 8 books (one a month)  X X X X X

7. Re-upholster an arm chair or build a piece of furniture    [chair is halfway done]

9. Lose 10 pounds    [I’ve lost 6 so far]

16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month) X X X X X X X

21. Learn Bach’s Concerto No.2 in E Major      [gettin’ there!]

22. Memorize the book of James    [gettin’ there!]

25. Read up through Luke 13 OR finish reading the entire Bible   [totally caught up on my Bible reading!  yay!]

27. Eucharisteo   [can’t tell you yet, but it’s awesome!]

Chunk 4 – unfinished things that I haven’t made ANY progress on

(9 items/30%)

5. Visit a new state OR major city

8. Learn to change the oil in my car

10. Sew (make) a Christmas stocking

13. Write a song

14. Stain master closet organizer

18. Take a yoga class

20. Take an official cooking class

24. Learn to speak Spanish (conversationally)

28.”Family History Tour” of Lincoln County, TN

So, in conclusion, I’ve crossed off a total of 13 items or 43% which I think is pretty awesome.  And I’ve clearly stepped up the pace since I accomplished the first 6 items in 6 months and then another 5 items in only 2 months.  However, I’m going to really have to step it up since I now have to complete 17 items or 57% in 1 month.  Yikes.  Fortunately, 8 of those are already in process in someway so I just need to wrap them up.  And out of the 24 total parts to my 3 list items that were 8-parters, I’ve checked off all but 4 parts….I just need 3 more books and one more new food tasted and I’m good to go.  Which is pretty awesome.

And now, since the clock is tickin’ I’m going to quit blogging and get going!

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