Tonight Keith made the comment that there is no way I’m going to learn to speak Spanish by August 14th.  And sadly, he’s right.  I’m also probably not going to finish memorizing the Book of James.  But I’m not the type of girl who gets down about things.  So I decided I needed to check something off my list to make myself feel better.

You all remember the poll I took to choose the last two new foods.  The winners were rhubarb pie and kale.  The rhubarb pie was a huge hit.  I loved it.  The kale…….eh?  Maybe not my favorite.  Or maybe I need to give it another try.  I kept hearing that kale was a “super food.”  That it was full of all kinds of healthy nutrients and such.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, so I threw it in the juicer and made myself a tall green glass of kale juice.  and I did not love it.  Keith took a sip and made a yucky face that confirmed what I’d been thinking.  it was terrible and should be poured down the drain.  So I did.

But I’m still checking it off.  I bought it.  I consumed it.  I didn’t love it.  Maybe on a sandwich mixed in with spinach and other greens it would be lovely.

So with the tasting of Kale, I put my final X next to 16. Taste 8 new foods (one a month).  Which means I’ve crossed off the 14th list item!  Almost halfway there!


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3 responses to “Kale”

  1. Mary-Hall says :

    Honey you don’t eat kale raw! You cook it in bacon grease. Congrats on finishing though! I had an idea on the Spanish bit – I read somewhere that there are some great iPhone apps for practicing vocab in the grocery line etc…

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Oh, green kale squeezings – ugh! No no, please don’t judge kale by that (you know what a chocoholic I am, and even I don’t care much for chocolate drinks!) Yes, please reap the nutritional benefits of kale by tearing it up in little pieces and mixing it in with a salad or slipping a couple leaves in with your lettuce or spinach on a sandwich. Honestly, I haven’t even cooked it (like spinach), but many folks eat it as a hot vegetable, with a little melted butter – except I think I would expect it to taste like spinach, which it wouldn’t. But having it in a salad or sandwich on a regular basis would give you those super nutrients without being too obtrusive, even if you found it slightly bitter to eat (or DRINK!) all by itself. Give it another go!

  3. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Kale is quite edible in a green smoothie. Basically it’s just a fruit smoothie–i.e. bananas, berries, fresh and/or frozen fruit, a little ice, etc. etc–blended up with a small handful of whatever leafy green you desire. Voila–health benefits of greens while mostly masking the taste with yumminess. I don’t love most greens, but I honestly have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast. It makes them acceptable to ingest that way. 😉

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