#14 Jamaica mon!

#14 is done because me and August and six friends are on vacation down in Jamaica. It’s a lovely place and we’re having a blast. I’m getting to work on more than one extra list item while we’re here too. BONUS! I’ll try to blog regularly but it’s a little bit difficult to act like a responsible adult here…


That’s us coming back from “yoga on the beach”. This was a first for me, we’ll see how sore i am tomorrow. Other non-list firsts: first mojito among other beverage firsts, first ride on a hobie cat (sail boat thing), first piano bar, first time to meet a marijuana dealer… You know, all the good stuff. More to come…

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5 responses to “#14 Jamaica mon!”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Hmm….that palm tree looks kind of familiar… πŸ˜‰ Have a great time, and try to take the catamaran cruise if you can!

  2. Bethany says :

    so jealous……of the fact that you took a yoga class. sister needs to take one of those.

    enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    I’m “so jealous” too – but not of the yoga class – of being on a tropical beach! Have a great time!

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