Namaste, Chicago

This whole trip to Chicago is turning out to be not only amazing (Keith and I have decided we’re kind of obsessed with this city), but very list-item-friendly as well.  Remember I said I didn’t think I would check anything off on this vacation except for the book I read on the airplane here?  Well……turns out I was wrong.  I checked off another list item this morning…making my list halfway complete!

Here’s a fun fact about me….I’m a law school dropout.  Yup.  I attended the Mississippi College School of Law for the Fall 2004 Semester.  And didn’t love it.  It was a stressful, unhappy season of life although I learned alot about myself.  About week 2 of school I realized I really needed something to get me through and so I started taking a pilates class at my church.  The teacher was a wonderful Christian woman and those 3 hours a week that I spent stretching and relaxing were vital to my mental health that semester.  However, I’ve never taken a Yoga class, so when I was putting together my 30×30 list, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take one.  Thus:

18. Take a yoga class

was born.  I bought a Groupon for 5 discounted Yoga classes at a yoga studio not too far from where I live in Nashville, but never had time to take a class before the Groupon expired.  Then two weeks ago I emailed a yoga studio that is literally 3 houses down and across the street from my house and the owner was kind enough to invite me to take a free class.  But again….with all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, I just haven’t had time to take her up on her sweet offer.  And then I came to Chicago.

If you know my husband, you know that he’s a planner, so naturally he had surfed around on the internet looking for things to do in Chicago close to our hotel.  And he came across the Millennium Park website and saw that they were offering a summer series of free exercise classes.  And yes, you guessed it.  This morning at 8:00 AM was a free yoga class.  Bingo!

To be honest, the teacher was a little too into educating us about the various Hindu gods and chanting for my taste, but the workout routine she put us through was fabulous.  For 45 minutes I stretched and strengthened like I never have before…stretched out on the “Great Lawn” at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion.  There really is nothing like stretching in the grass with the sun shining and breeze blowing to make you feel relaxed and happy.  And to do so with several hundred people you’ve never met while a Castillion guitar ensemble plays “Blackbird” live over the sound system, well….it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience (unless of course you live in Chicago, in which case you should go all the time!).  And did I mention that the class was FREE?  As in you just walk up and find a spot on the grass and go for it.  Amazing.  Keith went with me but was content to stroll around and take pictures instead of contorting his body while trying to appear graceful like the rest of us.  If you’re wanting proof, (or just want to laugh at me all twisted up) then here are some photos below.

Don’t I look graceful in pigeon pose?

I don’t remember what this pose was called, but it was such a great back stretch!


There were hundreds and hundreds of people!

What’s up, free yoga class!

It was an excellent way to stretch before my big race tomorrow and what a way to check the fifteenth item off my list!  I love you, Chicago!


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4 responses to “Namaste, Chicago”

  1. Pat Browder says :

    What fun! Good luck on your race!!!!!

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    Ah yoga! My experiences with yoga are: 1) took a class at the health club I used to frequent on lunch hours when I wasn’t taking marathon walks around mid-town when I worked at 42nd and Madison, NYC and was SOOOO relaxed I could barely keep my eyes open all afternoon back at the office, 2) took some classes at MUW and found that my body was much more cut out for weight training and aerobics than for stretching in positions that my joints didn’t want to go into. Glad you enjoyed your class on the green. Even with hundreds of folks, you look well spread out.

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