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The Caribbean region is fascinating to me and I am definitely planning to see more of it.  Well I’m hoping to see all of it actually.  Can I put that on my life list?  To visit every island in the Caribbean?  Jamaica is just a start, but it was a great trip.  All seven of our days there looked about the same:

6am.  Sun coming in the room.  Wake up and read a bit.  The view from our room was lovely and it was all too much fun to go back to sleep.

7am.  Exercise time.  I usually went jogging.  We also the beach yoga class and one day we just went on a walk down the beach.  The resort had a lovely fitness center that was almost deserted all day long.  I highly recommend exercising when you’re staying at an all-inclusive.  That way you can eat more without feeling like a beached whale.

8am.  Breakfast at one of the two open restaurants.  New breakfast foods for me: sugarcane, coconut in raw chunks, sour sop (its a fruit).  Also had some banana-stuffed pancakes with real whipped cream.  This can’t really be counted as a new food, but they were a trip highlight.

9:30am.  Beach time.  We spent a lot of time either lounging on the beach or lounging on the water.  The beach here is in a bay, so there are basically no waves.  The water is crystal clear and a lovely blue color.

11:30am.  Getting hungry.  We usually went to the open air cafe still in swimsuits for fruit smoothies, snapper sandwiches, and soft-serve ice cream.

1pm.  Back to the beach.  With so much lounging time, I managed to read 2 books.  I’ll follow up with book reviews later.  Is there anything better than reading a book on the beach?  Napping on the beach is a close second, and I did plenty of that two.

This guy came by several times a day selling cigars (and other stuff).

3pm.  Rainshower.

4pm.  Back to the beach.  I usually grabbed us some fruity rum-based drinks at this point.  I’m not a big drinker but I made a point to sample as many new things as possible.  Definite fav was the pina colada.

6:30pm.  Time to go clean up for dinner.

7:30pm.  The resort had 4 nice restaurants open for dinner, and we hit them all at least once.  Our favorite was called Patois, serving blended Jamaican cuisine.  I was on a banana kick all week, which was fortunate.  One night I had curried goat – good flavor but boney.  I made a point to try several different wines for list item #13 (figure out what kind of wine I like).  I can’t say I really *liked* any of them.  How about another pina colada instead?

9pm.  There were several entertainment options, but most nights we just crashed.  Lounging all day is hard work.   Twice we went to the piano bar.  The first night it was filled with good singers, albeit with sappy song selections (ex. The Hills are Alive (with the sound of music). yep.) The second night it was filled with terrible singers who clearly had no idea just how bad they were.  My karaoke-loving husband sang something both nights.

Almost every day we also squeezed in a boat-based activity – snorkeling, catamaran tour, the hobie cats, glass-bottom boat tour.  There was no shortage of options.  The resort also had a full spa and salon, and we got a $300 resort credit as part of our package.  You know what that means?!?  Pedicure!

9. Get a pedicure.

I’ve never seen my toes look so nice.  I went in planning to get something bright and fun, but the color selection left a little to be desired… mauve, beige, dark mauve, taupe, you know all the good stuff.  So I went with blue.  I think I had this color in 10th grade.

I was smart enough to go with clear on my fingernails.  The blue remains to this day on my toes as a remind of the trip. No one kicked me out of church Sunday.

Sigh… Jamaica was all-around lovely and I’d go back in a minute.  I think the Johnsons will be going to a more local beach before this summer is over.  I have to make up for those 4.5 years of living in Denver with minimal beach time.  In between now and then, I have an idea for some rum-coconut ice cream.


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