Stockings and curtains and throw pillows, oh my!

Question: When is a Christmas stocking not a Christmas stocking?

Answer: When it’s throw-pillows and curtains.

Confused? Let me enlighten you.

Last Christmas I spent hours looking for stockings I liked but refused to pay $50 for stockings I liked.  (Really, Restoration Hardware?  It’s a Christmas stocking.  I’ll hang it up for 3 weeks out of the year and then it sits in a tupperware tub in the shed).  So I added 10. Sew (make) a Christmas stocking to the list.  But it’s hard to get inspired about Christmas decorations January-August so this list item hasn’t gotten done yet.  So what did I do?  I changed the list item of course.  It now reads, “10. Sew/Make a Christmas stocking OR sew something really useful for my house.”
And you guessed it, I opted to “sew something really useful for my house.”  Which is way more useful an expenditure of time and money than a Christmas stocking.  (Which I WILL make this Fall, I’m determined.)

Besides the soaring prices of Christmas stockings, I also got angry at how expensive throw pillows cost.  Even at Target, the average cost is $19.99 to $34.99 which isn’t too bad if you’re buying one pillow.  But if you need six or eight like I did, that quickly adds up.  So I decided to get all DIY and make some myself out of fabric that I got on sale at JoAnn’s.  (You already know my obsession.)  The throw pillows are a little bit old news as I actually mention them in the post that I just gave you a link to.  But I’ve never given you photos….until now.  And lets be real, we all love photos.  I’m really proud that I took the time to put zippers in the bottom of the pillow covers.  That way if I get tired of them, I can upzip and swap them out (and I didn’t have to buy expensive pillow inserts….I just re-covered my old throw pillows.  Way to reduce, reuse, recycle.  Go green.) or if they get dirty I can unzip and pop them in the washer (cotton ones) or have them dry-cleaned (other fabrics).  The zippers only cost about $1.50 each and only added about 15 minutes of time per pillow cover so it was totally worth every minute and penny.

All of my throw pillows piled together on the couch. (They do not live like this typically…just in case you were having second thoughts about my decorating abilities.)

Up close and personal with my pillow zippers.

If you read yesterday’s post, you are well-acquainted with my master closet overhaul which happily checked off a list item as well!  Score!  One of the quirks of our old house is that we now have a window in our closet because part of our closet used to be in the old kitchen before we busted out walls and put up new ones.  It’s an odd sized window and I’d searched and searched for a Roman shade that fit but couldn’t find one, until I scored a red and brown striped one in the sale bin at World Market for $12.00 one day.  But I quickly figured out there was a reason it was in the sale bin.  It wasn’t highly functional, thus it stayed down all the time (boring) and the red and brown made the whole room feel small and depressing.  And because the window looks out onto the back deck where we eat outside and entertain, the back side of the broken blind looked super tacky from outside and detracted from our “party deck.”

As I trolled the aisles at Target the other day gathering other home goods for the closet makeover I saw this curtain panel on sale for $14.00 and it was instant LOVE.  I’d been planning to go to JoAnn’s to look for fabric to make a new shade for the closet window, but when I saw this curtain panel (and knew there was NO WAY I’d find upholstry-grade fabric that awesome that cheap ANYWHERE) I decided maybe the answer was cafe curtains instead of  a shade.  Easy to open and close….and BONUS, there would be enough fabric to make the curtains FRONT and BACK so they would look pretty when you look through the window from the backyard deck.  (This isn’t the first time I’ve re-purposed something from Target in place of buying fabric.  I once re-covered my dining room chairs with cloth napkins I found at Target for $10 for a set of 4.  4 chairs, 4 napkins, 4 new seat covers.  It was a great quick fix!)  I grabbed the panel and a $3.00 cafe curtain rod and headed home.

About 30 minutes of sewing later, I had two, two-sided cafe curtain panels.  I made them with a pocket top, but I also know that pocket-top curtains limit how far you can push them open.  So I dug through the shed and found these little curtain hooks I’d purchased for a DIY project and clipped them on the top.  I’m SO proud of how they turned out!  And of course, I’ve given you before shots as well as a reminder of what the shade looked like, and how the curtains look now!

Sadly my “before photo” didn’t turn out so well… you get an “after shot” from the indoors only.

The View looking in….before and after. I think the After is MUCH better….don’t you?

So another list item checked off!  I could not be more excited.  What quick craft project do YOU have on the docket?


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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Second thoughts about your decorating ability? (re: the sofa & pillows photo). Sigh! I merely figured I was totally out of the decorating loop and was quite relieved to read your caption. 🙂 LOVE the pillows and your little closet curtain.

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