Foto Friday – Episode 30

Episode 30?!? What what!! Time for another photo flashback.  CHS Girl Group!  This is what I did every weekday day from 7am to 7:10am for two years of my life

(Yes sorry, its an iphone photo of a photo… SORRY.  Its Bethany’s photo and I know she’s swamped today so I’m not asking her for it.)

Why oh why would highschool start at 7:10am.  You know what, I think it was 7:09, or 7:12.  There were many ridiculous things about that school.  Such as the hallway rioting around lunchtime on french fries day.

With any luck, next week we’ll feature an even larger girl group before Foto Friday goes on hiatus.  I’ll give you a hint: think 3 letter acronym for some improperly put together French words.  Ah yes, there is one semi-major and completely undocumented activity Bethany & I both participated in from high school.  The reason we need luck is neither of us can find the picture I’m talking about.  I know its out there and it sooooo needs to be on internet.

One other thing to mention about next Friday – I’ll already be thirty!


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