Feliz cumpleaños, Mary-Hall!!!

What do you do when your best friend and co-blogger turns the big THREE – OH?  You make them an impromptu birthday card involving your cat, of course.  And you post an embarrassing birthday related photo of them that they probably don’t have a clue that you found in a photo album in your mother’s attic last time you were home.

So.  First things first.  Booger the cat got all excited about Mar-Hall’s birthday (or maybe it was just the little horn thing that i was waving in front of his face) and teamed up with this llama pinata to wish her all the best. 


And now, even though it isn’t Foto Friday (but boy……do we have a doozy coming up tomorrow!) I’ve reached back into the vault to show you this photo of Mary-Hall, celebrating a birthday past (perhaps 18?  19?  Help me out MH) at La Fiesta Brava, Columbus Mississippi’s finest Mexican establishment (“at La Fiesta Brava, the accent is on the taste, cha cha cha”).  I guarantee she was none too happy about the sombrero or the Spanish birthday song (see the guy behind her is clapping!) But she held out like a good sport at least long enough for me to snap this photo.  If only I’d known then how valuable it would be later on.

Mary-Hall celebrates her birthday La Fiesta style, circa 1999? 2000? Work that sombrero! Work it!


I was lamenting tonight that of all the things we’ve kept (what little pack rats we are, thank goodness!) I have a feeling the “Ode To Mary-Hall” poem I wrote for her 15th birthday has probably long gone the way of file 13.  I don’t remember what it said except that it was printed on pink cardstock and framed in a black frame.  Yes, framed.  But today, I salute you, Mary-Hall…..the friend who:

*helped me establish my first email account (babiebird@hotmail.com…long defunct) and my first website (on geocities.com)

*introduced me to the wonders of cumin, my now-favorite cooking spice

*shares an undying love for the Muppets movies (all of them)

*also lacks the ability to eat a pop-ice without sneezing

*and many many more.


And just like that,  the first of the “Two Girls Turning Thirty” has turned thirty.

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5 responses to “Feliz cumpleaños, Mary-Hall!!!”

  1. Pat Browder says :

    Happy Birthday Mary-Hall! You are officially at the big 30 and I promise you it only gets better. Enjoy all the wonderful years ahead of you and treasure each moment.

    • Gerardo says :

      Came across your blog this eevinng. Will have to spend some more time here…Glad to hear we’re not the only people around celebrating 1/2 birthdays. And the red vines sound like the perfect treat!

  2. Mh says :

    Aaaaaaw thank you!!!

    First of all, I was turning 15 and I believe I got a tamagotchi that day, maybe from you or maybe not. Second, the poem is most assuredly not lost.

    And third, I need that booger print on my wall at my house stat!!!

  3. Momma Daniel says :

    Oh, Mary-Hall, I can hardly believe we’ve known you more than half your 30-year-long life!!! You and Bethany share such a special friendship that has taken you so many places and through so many exciting experiences and I wish you the happiest, (if slightly belated) 30th birthday! (We were up at Bethany & Keith’s and I didn’t log on to my computer to see all this in time!)
    Love you and wish you many many more!!!

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