Foto Friday – Episode 31

So there, I am 30 and Bethany has a mere four days. Wahoo!

Today’s photo is from about the last semi-major event that both of us participated in growing up – Something that will now and ever more be affectionately referred to as the Mississippi Virgin Auction 2000.

(Term coined by Keith.)

Yes, Bethany and I participated in a high school social club, LFA which stands for Les Families Amies. I believe this was meant to loosely translate as “the family of friends” although I doubt a French person would realize that. I don’t know if high school social clubs are a fixture in other southern towns or if ours is just…. extra special….

The club is somewhat akin to a sorority except well obviously in high school. You join in 8th grade and every year the big function is either a “kidnap” or a “presentation”. I was kidnapped in 8th grade. Bethany being a newcomer to the village was “kidnapped” in 10th grade.

The kidnap portion is kind of a mild hazing.

Shown above is our senior year presentation circa 2000. I guess it has it’s roots in the debutante ball tradition, and probably a distant descendant of the Jane Austen-style “coming out ball”. Basically, we rented out the town hall, all purchased very white dresses, and were presented to the public on the arms of our dates.


I can’t say i exactly regret participating but i definitely feel it was a useless sort of venture. The only valuable product of the experience is the above photo.

I’m dying to know, are we the only ones still doing this? Are the non-Southerners thinking we were so bizarre?

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2 responses to “Foto Friday – Episode 31”

  1. Kathy says :

    Yes, I think that is a very strange tradition. =)

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    I have to admit that this was a completely new experience for me and afterwards gathered that many Mamas put weeks of thought and planning into the table decorations for their daughters’ tables. I think I may have spent an hour and a half and hope our tables didn’t look like it! In any event, I’m sure my own wedding dress didn’t cost as much as Bethany’s “Presentation” dress, but was grateful that not only did she wear it for Presentation, but also for her Senior Recital the same weekend (or as she called it “The Bethany Daniel Show”), the reception for which the table decorations were also recycled. 🙂
    In your description, you neglected to mention one of the most exciting parts – the Daddies (dressed in tuxes and white gloves) getting to walk their little girls half way down the aisle before handing them off to their escorts. I suppose this was sort of like a wedding rehearsal, eh? Well, I’m glad you both had this unique Southern experience and the photo to show for it!

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