5. Sew an apron / mixer cover

I worked in as much list mania as I could handle last week. Nothing like meeting a deadline. NOT that I met ’em all, by any means. But I DID sew an apron.

I really kinda like sewing but I don’t do it enough. Thus, the list item – my first foray into sewing something that’s not a rectangle (a la draperies, baby bedding, pillow covers etc).

First I searched the interweb for free apron patterns. There are a TON of options. This post, 191 Free Apron Patterns, is a round up of free apron pattern round ups. I’m sure theres something here for everybody. I got a big kick out of the “sexy apron” poses.


Somewhere in those 191 patterns, I found one I wanted to try – a vintage 1951 pattern that fit entirely into two paragraphs and a diagram:


I searched high and low for blank sewing grid paper like the 50s ladies apparently had. No luck. So instead I ironed a scrap piece of packing paper (yes still living out of boxes). For bonus points, I used an iron made in 1951.


Okay I’m exaggerating.. 1981. The iron is a hoss though. To sketch the pattern I used a yard stick, pen, string, and iPad. Channel your inner geometry nerd for this portion.

Copying it was easier than I thought. I elected NOT to get wrapped up in intricacies because after all it’s just an apron and so why fuss?

The pattern calls for “cotton bias skirt facing,” which also no longer exists
(at Joann). Instead I used “double fold quilt binding”. Don’t be mislead, this stuff had 3 folds.


Besides the cutting and facing, the pattern is simple and easy enough for a medium-novice like me. Generally I cut corners as much as possible, pinning but not basting, etc.

Here are my pleats:


In the end, I was very happy with it. Happy enough that I gave it as a wedding gift to my dear friend Sarah, whose wedding eve was my birthday.
I hope she bakes many happy blinis in it.



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  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    I’m so impressed! It looks amazing! i might need to place an order for one of my own………haha.

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