Dear Bethany,

I was going to write you an email but figured I might as well make it a blog post.

How does it feel to be thirty?? Your new job sounds perfect for you. I bet you will keep the most awesome day planner ever. Complete with color coding. What a fitting way to start the new decade!

I would say that so far on my end, 30 is not off to an awesome start. I have descended into a sort of frustrated funky mood over here that I’m having trouble shaking. First off, our Internet is out and had been for two weeks. How does one work from home without Internet? So now I work from Cups.

Ransom’s new daycare is not going smoothly. He is either teething or picking up weird illnesses there, which is know is a given but he’s only been three half days (out of the last seven).

August has a cold.

But mostly, I’m tired of being at camp. I’m ready to go home and sleep in my own bed. Except of course, we sold our home… And our bed. I’m ready to establish our new identity in Mississippi instead of just feeling temporarily parked. I know this takes time but ugh.

Okay Mary-Hall’s whiny party is over.

What I really wanted to “email” was that I’m feeling like we might as well give ourselves an official extension till New Years Eve. That way we’ll make this a nice even 12-month project.

That gives us three more months to figure out what to change the name to. Like:

  • Two Girls Turning Thirty Again
  • Two Girls Turning Forty in 10 Years
  • Two Girls Blogging About Food, Books, Travel, and Whatever else crosses their minds
  • I need some major motivation to get back on the wagon. Hoping an official new deadline will do the trick.

    Love, Mary-Hall



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    2 responses to “Extensions?”

    1. Momma Daniel says :

      Momma Daniel butting in here as usual! 🙂 Don’t feel bad M-H, I’ve been pity-partying all summer about my shoulder, so you’re entitled to a whine now and then. Personally I’d give my eye teeth to be “at camp,” and I guarantee you that sometime down the road, you’ll say “Man – I’d love a few weeks back at camp!” 🙂 Even when you’re excited about moving, there are a thousand decisions and changes that go with the territory (even changes for little Ransom). The new target date sounds like a super plan to me! Deadlines always give us the kick in the keister we need to get back in action. And to quote a song, all you’re going through “sounds like life to me!” Enjoy it! Love ya!

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