A Letter In Reply

Dear Mary-Hall,

Is it weird that the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the subject of your last blog was hair extensions?  Because I kind of think it’s weird.  But also really funny.  I thought maybe you’d decided that the new hairstyle you tried a few months ago wasn’t enough and you’d gotten some weave.  I’m relieved to find out the type of extensions you were referring to were the sort applied to deadlines.  Like the ones that just passed on our lists when we turned 30 a few weeks ago.

I’m so sad to hear that 30 isn’t off to an awesome start for you.  To be honest, my first full day of being thirty was pretty terrible.  Yes, we were still in Mexico, but we got hit with the tail end of a hurricane, so it poured rain; blinding, driving rain, and then I came down with what they call “Montezuma’s Revenge.”  I won’t explain what that entails since we write a nice, polite blog, but I will tell you that I took a tour of almost every restroom in the hotel that day…and the four days that followed.  But things have improved from there and I know things will get better for you as well.  Someday soon, you will have a house all your own again, a bed that’s all your own, and internet that functions well in your house.  Although CUPS isn’t a bad substitute.  [Please drink a peach-and-yogurt smoothie for me.]  You can tell people that your new office comes complete with an art gallery and a sweet barista and people will be jealous.  And sweet Ransom is a survivor.  He will rock that preschool in a few weeks when his immune system gets all fortified.

I LOVE the idea of extensions.  I say lets keep this party going until December 31st.  A full year to do 30 extraordinary things.  And find a new blog name.

Two Girls Take Thirty

A Tale of Two Girls

Tales of Our Thirties

Two Girls: Thirty Things

Two Girls: Thirty and Thriving

Mary-Hall and Bethany May Be Thirty But They Are Still Awesome
OK, so that last one might be a little lengthy.  And I don’t love the rest, but we’re on track at least.  So here we go.  4 more months to check off the rest of our list items.  We’ve got this, sister.  No excuses this time.  🙂

Here’s to BEING thirty, and loving it.




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2 responses to “A Letter In Reply”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Hair extensions were also the first thing that came to my mind….not that I’m preoccupied with long hair or anything (mine is hip length and growing strong :p).
    As another blogger who met a topical goal and continues blogging under a somewhat out-dated title, I find absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with your current title, although “Two Girls who are 29 and holding” doesn’t have a bad ring to it. 😉

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