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I’ve been suffering from a serious case of blogger’s block over here.  I have this bad attitude that there’s just nothing going on right now worth blogging about.  Who wants to read about how many dead roaches I found yesterday?  (At least they’re almost all dead right?)  Or the number of illnesses that have passed through the household since Ransom started daycare?  How its too hot to move?

So from all this minutiae springs the following blog post: What Happened Yesterday in the Johnson Residence.  Spoiler – Nothing major!  This is just a digital journal of a very typical day around here.  I kinda like reading these on other blogs so I hope you find it mildly interesting..


The alarm went off around 6:30am.  My first waking thought was relief that Ransom was still sleeping and had made it past 5am, unlike the previous morning.  By 7:00 my husband and I are both basically up and ready for the day.  I decide to wake Ransom up so we can get to daycare on time.

A few minutes later August volunteers to drop Ransom off on his way to work, something we hadn’t yet tried in our 4 weeks of daycare attendance thus far.  So, I put go into hyperdrive getting Ransom ready: diaper changed, clothes & shoes on, and breakfast in belly.  Hyperdrive at breakfast = pop tart.

They hit the road without much difficulty or any real screaming fits – bonus!  I remain at the house and think about how nice this arrangement could be if it works out for August.

By 7:45, I’ve got my computer on and I’m starting to pull up all the various Excel spreadsheets that require my attention.  I’m still a little sleepy so I fix a cup of hot tea and catch up on the news a bit, mixed in with google’ing some new air conditioning technologies that I need to understand for the previously mentioned spreadsheets.  I work in my “corner office” until 1:30pm.  By “corner” I mean, “corner” of the bedroom.

At some point I start to wonder why my throat is so sore.  I had a cold last weekend that I held at bay by taking Zicam’s religiously.  I’m thankful for a fabulous beach weekend but perhaps now its finally catching up with me.

At 1:30 I head out for the daycare center.  On arrival, Ransom seems to be having a good day and his teachers mention how talkative he’s been.  This is his fourth week in attendance and I’m still not completely sure this is the right place for him.  Back in Colorado, Ransom had a nanny who we all loved.  Now that he’s almost two, he loves being around other kids and he’s learning everything so fast… we thought maybe he would enjoy going to preschool part-time.  My main concern is that I don’t see much or any organized activity at the preschool, or even many toys.  Where is the kitchenette? A bookshelf? Some crayons?  The preschool is undergoing a major renovation project so maybe that’s the problem.  We’re going to give it a few more weeks to see how things go.  Besides, we’re planning to move to our own house and that could change everything.

Ransom and I head home and take inventory of all the motor vehicles in the yard: lawn mower, 4-wheeler, jeep, dump truck, “Ransom’s bike”…

I have several errands to do this afternoon and I completely spaced on taking what I needed with me to the preschool, so now we have to make another trip to town.

First stop is the post office.  A textbook I listed on Amazon over 4 years ago sold this morning.  I was extremely lucky to find it in the first “book” box I checked, and $50 for something I never use, not too shabby.  Ransom is a little WILD in the post office, shrieking because I won’t let him down.  I want to, he’s too heavy to hold, but its just one little package to mail and there’s no line.

Second stop is the local public library.  Ransom does quite a bit of shrieking there too.  He’s majorly excited by the fish tank.  We get a membership card, a boardbook about motor vehicles, and a Thomas the Train DVD.

Third stop is Michael’s.  I have a half-off coupon and wanted to pick up a punch to round the corners on Ransom’s birthday invitations.  The punch is $15.  Even with half off, I feel I’m being a little neurotic about 2-year-old birthday invitations.  I have a new mantra about being VERY careful about what objects I purchase and bring to our home, and the $15 punch just seems like something that will sit in a drawer for decades.  I decide to either round the corners with scissors or leave as is.  Ransom won’t know the difference.

Homeward bound! Its about 4 so I kinda start making dinner.  We play with the duplos for 10 seconds.  We watch the Thomas DVD for another 10 seconds.  Kiddo just isn’t into TV really.  The hours of 4pm to 6pm are always filled with a lot of meltdowns and tantrums.  Today is only a moderate day.  I think Ransom is always a bit tired and hungry at this point, even though I feed him a constant stream of snacks.  By 6, August has come home and headed back out for a quick jog.  He’s signed up for a 5K this weekend and hasn’t run a foot in weeks.  Ah well.

Ransom and I have our stuffed peppers.  Not too bad for a meal composed entirely of scraps from the refrigerator.

August comes back nearly dead from running too fast in the heat.  He and Ransom go out to the back yard for some man time.  I download a book from the library we joined today.  Did you know you can check out e-books??

The boys come flying back in the door – Ransom’s gotten into an ant hill.  We strip him down as fast as possible, but he still gets about 10 bites.  He’s not upset though, and is in fact now very happy to be naked.  And there’s still a little time to give a tiny frog a ride in the back of a matchbox car.

Bathtime at 7:15 and Ransom’s asleep by 8:15.  Free time! Now I’m supposed to be working on the party invitations but instead I curl up with my e-book.  August points out that we can work on the invites this weekend.  I try to remember if I swallowed a pin cushion earlier in the day, because that’s exactly what my throat feels like.  Not having any other symptoms – fever, congestion, runny nose – I’m a little weirded out by the sore throat.

10pm rolls around and we clean up the kitchen and call it a day.


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2 responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    Yeah, I’m also in a blogging dry spell. Not that there isn’t stuff to talk about, I guess I’m just busy with other things and somewhat out of the habit.
    Corner office, hahaha. 😉

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    I love this blog! And anything containing photos of Ransom, the cutest child on the planet is a bonus. I feel super sick too. sore throat, headache, stuffy head….the whole nine yards. so weird. I hope we both feel better soon!


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