Mary-Hall’s September Status Update

Whatdayaknow, I’m 3 days past 9/9, which means I’m 30 years + 1 month + 3 days, which means obviously its time for me to pull out my skittle-colored graph and make an honest assessment of the situation.


MMm I could use a pack of Skittles right about now.

Anyway, clearly I made some good progress in July (see the “Yes” arrow) but then flopped in August.  Even more disconcerting is the utter lack of items in the “Started” category because that means I’ve got a queue problem.

Duly noted.

There’s a ton of stuff I should document.  Such as, on the night of my birthday, I made a last ditch effort to determine “what kind of wine I like” (#13), by purchasing two of Bethany’s favorites and tasting them late on 8/9/2012.  Wouldn’t that have been an appropriate list item to cross off on my actually birthday?  Why yes.  But unfortunately I can’t exactly say I liked either one!  WHAT?!? So weird… I figured Bethany for a super sweet kind of wine drinker but apparently I was wrong about that.  I perhaps, am.  Rather, whatever she is, I am not.  The recommendations, for the record, were Cupcake’s Red Velvet and Relax Riesling.  Seriously, Cupcake Red Velvet tastes nothing like a cupcake.  Its been spicing up spaghetti sauce in the Johnson residence ever since.  The riesling kind of grew on me.  So my next step will be to consult my charming younger brother, the closest thing to a wine expert that I am directly related to.  And, I’ll see him this weekend, so perhaps perhaps I will solve the puzzle soon.



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