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Our sponsored child’s birthday is coming up on Saturday, the same day as Ransom’s.  So, last month I was working on a birthday letter online and poking around the Compassion website.  I ran across some great information that I thought I should highlight here, in case any other Compassion sponsors are reading this.

If you’ve never heard of Compassion, its a ministry that Bethany and I both strongly support.  Their tagline is “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name” and that pretty much sums it up. My husband and I sponsor a young girl – Alba in El Salvador.  Bethany & Keith sponsor several kids from all over the world.  You can read our previous Compassion posts here.

So, here are some links to the information that I found so helpful: Letter Writing FAQ! Also, this blog post.

I knew there had to be some delay between our letter writing and Alba receiving them, because the letters have to make several stops, be translated, etc.  However, according to the blog post it can take up to 3 months.  Of course, now I was feeling like a slacker for only writing Alba about her birthday six weeks in advance.  *Mental note to send a Christmas card SOON.*  BUT, then today I got a response from Alba that mentioned our last letter… so, I guess the delay between here and El Salvador is not as long as some countries.  Hooray!

All that aside, I was inspired by this List of Small Gifts that you can include with your letters. We’ve done stickers and photographs before but “Paper Dolls” just jumped off the page at me. (Side note: check this!! A Pinterest board of more ideas.. super cute. My fav may be the DIY scratch-offs.)  Blame it on my misplaced interest in all things miniature.

I found some doll templates here. I printed these on leftover birthday invitation card stock and rounded up four random sheets of scrapbook paper.

Now, Alba seems like a very sensible young girl, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. (At least she did.. These things change you know.) So here are her first shipment of paper dolls, complete with a lab-coat sporting Dr outfit.

It occurred to me that her doctors may or may not wear white coats.  I decided not to worry about it.  That outfit could just as easily be a white blazer with a weird necklace.. either way.  And now its occurring to me that lab coats have long sleeves.. Oh well.

Happy 9th Birthday Alba!!

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  1. compassioncalling says :

    Precious! We sponsor Tatiana in El Salvador, and she writes the most precious letters! We are currently writing a series on our blog entitled, “Seven steps to sending your letter”, where we discuss our process for writing and sending letters to our Compassion children. We’re about to begin the goodie package sections of this series, and paper dolls are a wonderful idea! We are also planning to highlight theme packages on our blog soon, in case you or your readers are ever in need of ideas or letter-writing inspiration.

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