A Day In My Life: A Journal of Monday, 9/17/2012

How is it Thursday already, I ask you?  This does not compute in my head.  I wrote this blog post on Monday….and its already Thursday and I still haven’t posted it.  sigh.  Anyway.  Mary Hall suggested (after my super-lame last post) that I do a “day in the life” post like she did.  So this past Monday I kept a log of my day.  And now I’m posting it for you all to read.  🙂  Of course, this isn’t EVERY day. Just this past monday.  No two days ever look alike.  Sometimes I’m up earlier.   Sometimes I go to bed earlier.  Most of the time we don’t have this many workmen at our house.  But this was my Monday.  So this is what you get.

9:00 AM – Wake up to my alarm clock and accidentally kick the cat as I roll out of bed…he was nestled all snuggly on top of my feet.  He rolls over and give me an annoyed look as I stumble to the bathroom, but is fast asleep again by the time I’m finished and headed to my office in the front room.

9:20 AM – sit down on the settee in my office/library/music room and open my computer to find 37 new emails.  A few are junk, but the rest are notifications of new orders through my new boss’ online store and the rest are emails about details for upcoming events for both my new job as personal assistant to speaker/author/singer Kelly Minter, and for worship leader/songwriter Ronnie Freeman.  (I’ve been playing violin for Ronnie for 7 years now, done merchandise for 3 years, and have been his personal assistant for a year.)  I also see that Mary-Hall has commented on my last blog post suggesting a “Day In The Life Post.”  I open up a new Pages document and get to work.

9:25 AM – I have a phone call with Kelly to sort out a shipping problem.  This involves several more phone calls and about 10 minutes later I have the whole thing sorted out.  At least I hope I do.  Right now my fingers are crossed and I’ll wait for a confirmation phone call later in the day.

9:45 AM – I dash in to get dressed as we have several workmen coming over today and I think it would be awkward if I was still clad in robe and furry slippers when they arrived.  No time to be cute today, plus, it’s pouring rain.  I grab a pair of grey shorts, a t-shirt and top it off with my new long-sleeved tee purchased off Scout Mob shops online….it’s hand printed from a boutique in San Francisco and says “Ciao Bella” on it. I’ll top this outfit off with some rain-boots before I head out the door.

9:55 AM– I’m back in my office banging out answers to emails.  I turn in my timesheet for the last two weeks.  I’m adding things to my to-do list quicker than I can check them off.  Booger the cat finds all of this exhausting so he naps on the back of my settee while I’m curled up at my desk.  He’s a pretty fair cat and wants to make sure everyone gets graced with his presence…he’ll spend another hour or so with me and then wander upstairs to nap in Keith’s office for the rest of the day.

10:45 AM – the doorbell rings.  It’s the guy who installed our hardwood floors here to look at a gash that the guy who installed our alarm system last week put in the floor.  He says it’s easy to fix, so I’m happy, and cheap, so the alarm company who is paying for it is happy as well.  While the floor guy is here, I notice that the ceiling in the kitchen is leaking again.  We had a new roof installed last week and the kitchen ceiling leaked badly a few days ago.  The roofers came and “fixed” the roof and the drywall guy was supposed to come fix the ceiling today, but we’ll have to cancel that since the ceiling is leaking AGAIN.  Funny how the old, hail-damaged roof didn’t leak, but the brand new one does.  Keith calls the roofers.  I’m hopeful they can fix this roof and our ceiling can be fixed and we’ll be done with it soon.

1:00 PM – Where has the day gone?  The roofers have just left (again). They have found the leak and hope to be out tomorrow to fix it.  I have a bowl on the kitchen floor under the drip.  In the past 2 hours and 15 minutes I’ve updated Kelly’s online calendar so people know when and where she’ll be speaking, reconciled merchandise sales from the event she spoke at last weekend, created an updated email list, printed set lists for 3 events I’ll be playing with Ronnie this coming Wednesday-Sunday, written a thank you note and an email to some girls I’m hoping to do a Bible Study with and answered more email.  Now I’m headed to the closet to get my rain boots and jacket to head out to run errands.  I have to go to the bank, swing by Kelly’s and drop off some stuff/pick stuff up and then run more errands after that.  Hoping I can be back by 3:00 in time to package up orders and get to the post office.

1:50 PM – I’m back home and I heat up some Healthy Choice Southwest Spring rolls for lunch.  yummmmmmy.  I find out that the shipping issue from this morning hasn’t been resolved yet, so I make a few more calls and cross my fingers AND toes this time.  I’ve got quite the stack of orders that have come in over the weekend on Kelly’s website so I start the process of packing them up, printing mailing labels, etc. so I can make my daily trip to the Post Office and make sure everyone gets what they ordered quickly!

2:30 PM – It’s kind of quiet as I’m packing orders and since I’m going to be playing violin at Kairos young adult ministry at Brentwood Baptist tomorrow night and I haven’t listened through the songs yet,  I download all the MP3s into a iTunes playlist and turn it on so I can learn the music while I pack.  All about the multi-tasking, baby.

3:00 PM – I’m out the door and headed to the post office with a stack of about 20 freshly packaged orders.  After the post office I run a few more errands and then head out to East Nashville.

4:45 PM – I pull up to my friend Laura’s house to pick up my painting.  Yes.  THE PAINTING.  (Don’t worry. There will be a blog with photos SOON!)  To say the painting is amazing  is an understatement.  I’m in love with it and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

5:45 PM – I get back home and give Keith the big reveal.  We immediately hang the painting in the living room and admire it for about 15 minutes.  Then it’s back out the door to Music City Crossfit for bootcamp.  It’s an exhausting workout and Keith and I both leave with all our limbs feeling like jell-o.  We’re home by 7:15 but I immediately head back out to Walmart for groceries and Staples for office supplies.

8:15 PM – Keith and I curl up in the living room with dinner (black beans and brown rice with chicken, avocado and fried bananas.) and some TV (we’re a little hooked on Friday Night Lights Season 1 on Netflix).  I’m a little bit of a work-a-holic these days, so I’m watching, but I’m also doing email on the side.  I get an email assuring me the shipping issue will be fixed Tuesday morning. (side note: and it was!!!!)

10:45 PM – I’d love to watch another episode of FNL but I realize that I need to be an adult instead.  So I put on some pj’s and move my computer and a stack of files to my bed to get some work done before I turn in for the night.
12:00 AM – The obnoxiously loud catty-corner-across-the street neighbors are partying on their front porch like they live on Frat Row.  I text my next door neighbor Megan about it and we complain to each other via text about how rude the excessively noisy neighbors are.  She suggests a box fan.  I send a bunch more work-related emails trying to catch up on the million events that I have on the calendar for the fall.

12:45 AM – Keith heads upstairs to retrieve a box fan from the closet that fortunately makes the noise of the neighbors go away.  He crashes out in bed beside me as I send a few more emails and update this blog.  My head is starting to ache and I think I’m super sleepy so I set my alarm clock and turn out the light.  The last time I remember seeing on my phone before I fell asleep was 1:45 AM.  Whew.  Sister had a lonnnnnng day.

So tonight (Thursday night) I told my friend Val that I was working on my “Day in the Life” blog.  She says she might not read it because it might stress her out.  It’s crazy how you don’t realize how much goes on in a day until you try to document it all!  I challenge you to write down your own day in the life one day.  Read over it.  Do you like what you see?  Would you like to change your day?  Could you spend your time more wisely?  Could you relax more?  It’s a thought provoking exercise for sure.  Hope I didn’t stress you out too much.


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  1. maryhalljohnson says :

    Wowzers… I totally understand what its like to feel like you kind of have the crazy circus running smoothly and then one wrench get thrown in the works (i.e. roof leak) and suddenly you are so not in control anymore.

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