Eucharisteo: The Painting Reveal

I can’t believe I’ve had my painting almost 2 weeks now and have still not revealed it to the world!  As you can tell from my “Day In The Life” post, things are a little wild around here.  But this morning I’m making some time between work and laundry to sit down and blog.  [In other news, 9 days is the longest I’ve ever gone between blog posts since we started the blog project.]

The only problem with this painting is that it’s so awesome, we couldn’t figure out where to put it.  After some discussion, Keith and I finally settled on the living room wall which is perfect because everyone who come in can see it there, and sad because I don’t get to stare at it every second of the day as I sit in my office.  But I’d rather the world see it, so I love it in the living room.  Some of you may be saying, “what painting? I’m totally lost here.”  So I’ll give you the quick back-story.  For one of my read-a-book-a-month goal posts, I chose Ann Voskamp’s  1,000 Gifts and loved it.  I was inspired by her thankfulness journal to start writing down things I was thankful for….from the big stuff like my new job to the little stuff like something funny the cat did to make me laugh.  I wrote on little pieces of paper and stuck them in a jar.


Meanwhile, Keith and I had been wanting to decorate our house with some original art since all our wall hangings are pretty much from World Market or Target.  We fell in love with the work (and the person!) of Laura Amstutz Weibezahn when we saw it at a Compassion retreat, received a print of her’s in the mail as a gift, and saw a display of her work at a local coffee shop all in the space of two weeks.  We decided we wanted to purchase one of her paintings.  Then Keith had the brilliant idea to ask her to use all my little scraps of thankfulness papers and incorporate them into a commissioned painting.  Fortunately, one email later, she loved the idea and work on the painting began!

I admit that I cried when I picked up the painting.  It’s such a beautiful piece anyway, but to know the thankfulness that is represented there….that it was created by a friend and a member of the creative community I’m so thankful to be a part of in Nashville….that it was my sweet husband’s idea.  All of that is overwhelming to me.  And each time I walk past it, even if I’m not in a good mood, or something less-than-perfect has happened, etc. etc….it reminds me instantly that God is the giver of all things and that a heart-posture of thankfulness not only blesses our Heavenly Father, but it blesses us as well.  So, without further adieu……here is

Eucharisteo by Laura Amstutz Weibezahn

I thought you might also like some close-ups since you can’t lean in close and peer at the painting.  Although, if you’d like to do that, by all means, stop by the Yellow Barn and check it out.

“Abide With Me” is one of my favorite hymns, as is the “Doxology.” The sheet music flowers are composed of these two hymns cut out of an antique hymnal I bought at a local used bookstore.

The “sky” portion of the painting is composed of my thankfulness.

So grateful for so many things.

If you would like to own a painting of your own or just want to see some other great work, please check out Laura’s online gallery.  She is amazing as a painter and an individual.

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4 responses to “Eucharisteo: The Painting Reveal”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    I love the painting – the story behind it, the contents, the colors! The sky strikes me as being filled with angel wings. I love the way she works the papers onto the canvas and personalizes each piece, while maintaining continuity in her style. Laura’s work is certainly creative. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. maryhalljohnson says :

    Wow – So super cool. I love it!!

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