House Hunters – Mississippi Edition

There’s not a whole lot of strictly “list” related activity in my life right now, but there is plenty of “goal oriented” activity.  A major “goal” for the Johnson family is to find a new home.  We’re spending a lot (A LOT) of time scouring the internet for potential places to set up permanent residence.  The search isn’t going all that well right now, but I figured I could share our progress as we go along. After all, that show “House Hunters” is certainly addictive although I kinda wish HGTV would lay off sometimes.

First, here’s our wish list:

  1. 30+ acres, at least.  Many more acres if feasible.  This is Mr Husband’s primary criteria.
  2. A structure to reside in.  This is my primary criteria.
  3. A structure that has some level of architectural character.  Mine too, although now I’m just being picky.  Go ahead, demand the moon too, Mary-Hall!!
  4. A decent school district and a half-decent commute to Mr Husband’s workplace.
  5. Oh and of course we have some financial limitations as well.  i.e. a budget to stick to.

That’s all! Not so hard right? Well actually what we’re after is sort of like the ubiquitous needle/haystack, and I’ve mentally prepared to remain here at Camp Johnson for a while.  And that’s totally fine.

So here is the first place we actually visited.

How does it stack up against our wishlist?

  • Acreage: LOTS
  • Structure: Yes
  • Architectural Character: Negative, my friend.
  • School District: Fine.
  • Commute: Little far, doable though.
  • Budget: A little bit $$, but we also suspect its a tad overpriced.

The land is very pretty.  Big trees, some hills and valleys.  A little creek.  Some mud holes.  Ask my husband about it if you are curious.  I’m the one you ask about the house.

So, what we have here is an approximately 1940-ish structure.  However, along the way it has been hacked quite badly both inside and out.  Windows replaced probably in the sixties.  Vinyl siding.  A glorious red tin roof that looks new-ish.  1200 sq feet.  An ambiguous floor plan a la “Should we make this a dining room or a bedroom?”  The majority of the trim, inside and out, is either missing or has been replaced with something new and cheap.

Ugh a bug people.  We’ve been squinting at it through all sorts of DIY goggles and our verdict is leaning towards no on this one.  We’d have to live in the structure for probably 5 years before we could afford to build, maybe 7.  So, we’d have to put some serious time and not inconsequential investment into making the above 1200 sq ft liveable.  And then at the end, what would we do with it?  There’s a difference between DIY and Money Pit.

Ah well, to amuse myself I made this design mood board to reflect my vision for the space.

  1. Clearly that porch needs rocking chairs.
  2. Without central HVAC, we’re gonna need a selection of toddler-friendly space heaters.
  3. A big red metal chicken to match our red metal roof.
  4. Goats. duh.
  5. Little country child – easy! Already have.



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3 responses to “House Hunters – Mississippi Edition”

  1. A Light at the End of the Fiber says :

    I really love red metal chickens–the taller the better. You sure it’s not the right place?

    I get to play House Hunters Rental Edition next weekend; maybe I’m inspired now. 😉

    • maryhalljohnson says :

      You never know what could happen around here! All joking aside, Option #1 is still very much on the proverbial table. Best wishes on your rental search!!!

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