Historical Foto Friday

Well, Friday has come again.  Instead of posting more hilarious old and/or streaking ladies, I thought I would share a couple of old family photos.  I am working on collecting, printing, and ideally framing some old family photos.  Its been on my To-Do list for ages (see list item #19).  I just find them to be so beautiful and interesting and thought-provoking.  So I want to hang up some of my favorites.

So, in the theme of Foto Friday, here’s my great-grandmother Rebie and her aunt Nina.  Although an aunt, Nina was just a few months older.  The photo is titled “Lovers”, by my great-grandma I believe.  Rebie’s mom died when she was 8 months old, so she was raised by her grandma (Nina’s mom).  Thus, the ladies were more like sisters than aunt&niece.

And this next lady is still a bit of a mystery to me.  She’s related to the first two, although probably at least one generation earlier.  MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: This would be the perfect outfit to match that house I showed you guys earlier in the week.


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