Camping Trip

Finally!! Another list item down in the record books.  This past weekend, August and I summoned up the courage to take our wild toddler camping.  I’ve been wanting to do this since last summer, mostly because Ransom has always LOVED to be outside, even as a tiny baby.  Outdoors he is perpetually entertained – Indoors he is often more like a caged beast.

We made the trip as easy as possible by opting for a nearby campground with running water in the bathrooms.  The campground is called Rocky Springs and its part of the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is a National-Park-slash-Road-from-Natchez-to-Nashville.  (albeit a road with a 50mph speed limit and no sign of civilization for the entire 400+miles.  Not even a gas station.)

We pitched the tent without much difficulty.  Ransom was the primary stakeholder.  Har har har. He did great.

Dogs are allowed everywhere on the Natchez Trace, so even Abby got to come along for this trip.  She had a blast too.

We had enough time before dark to check out the nearby trails.  The weather was perfect, just a little crisp but not cold, and the late afternoon sun just peaking through the trees.

The trail is a section of the “Old Trace”.  Something about the geology in that area caused the path to erode quickly under all the traffic, so what’s left is a nice sunken trail.

Here’s a shot by August where he attempted to catch Ransom and I glowing.

Abby got to do some agility training.


The end of the trail brings you to Rocky Springs, a once flourishing town with a population of 2,616.  Now there’s nothing left but a church, two rusty safes, and two cisterns.

The church is really lovely and was in regular use until just two years ago.  Kinda sad that its now a rental space only, but its still lovely.

Ransom spontaneously hugged and kissed this statue out front, twice.

Dinner was something I cooked at home, just warmed over the fire.  MMmm.  Okay not really but it got the job done.

And that’s the last picture I have but the FUN was just beginning.  My worst camping fears came true – Ransom did NOT sleep well.  We all went down around 8:30.  Then there was a minor screaming fit at 11 or so, and then major playtime from 3AM to 4AM.  Kiddo likes it to be DARK and it was not too dark at all thanks to the aforementioned bathroom and its overzealous lighting. But after that we all slept soundly from 4AM to 8AM.

I’m glad we did it, but maybe we’ll wait till next year before we try again.  Ransom had a great time as we knew he would.  We are still talking about the big woods, and the campfire, and the tent, etc etc.


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2 responses to “Camping Trip”

  1. bethanybordeaux says :

    oh my goodness. your already adorable child gets cuter by the day. i love it. so glad you guys finally got to go camping…even if said cutie pie did wake up in the middle of the night. i know abby had a blast as well! way to check off a list item…and have an awesome outdoors trip all in one. you’ll have to take me there next time i’m in ms. i’d love to see that church! it looks so cute!

  2. BD says :

    Great pictures! There is no way to fail if you take my wonderful grandson — outside! Anywhere and doing anything outside. You can mark off number 17 on your list now!

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