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The (very slight) chill in the air has me feeling crafty these days.  I think its high time to start making some Christmas gifts or something!  I wanted to share the project that I spend a hunk of my October free time on.  This is my second time to tackle this sewing project, and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself both times.  Both blankets were for babies who are very close to my heart.  This one is for Layla, my first niece, expected in just few weeks.

The full tutorial is from here, over at the very lovely blog Aesthetic Nest.

The only change I made was using pre-made double fold binding rather than the satin blanket binding.  I love the idea of a silky binding for a baby quilt, but the color selection is so very limited.  There really wasn’t a good option.  So, I used my sewing machine to attach the binding to the top side and then bound the bottom side by hand using a whip stitch, which is a typical quilt binding.  Next time, I think I’ll reverse that and sew the bottom side first with the machine and do the top side very neatly by hand.  Its pretty easy to make your stitches invisible anyway.  The ruffly bottom made sewing by hand a little bit challenging.

Here’s my final product:

I love the way the top side turned out.  The fabric I found fit right in with the color scheme that Layla’s mom has going.  And of course, coming from the Johnsons, the print included several colors of deer and other forest animals.  Did you know Ransom’s first word was “deer”?  Thanks to lots of coaching from my husband.  Also, did you know we have two deer heads hanging in our living room?  And quite a few more antlers and things in storage. I’ll show you a photo one day, in our new dream house, which will of course have a man cave for which to store such things.

And here’s the bottom.

The way the flannel ruffles out on the bottom is so much fun.  Full disclosure, if I did it again I’d pick different colors for the bottom side.  You use three different layers of flannel and frankly the selection of flannel is quite limited.  Wish the colors were  a little bit cheerier.  Alas.  All in all I was satisfied and hopefully Baby Layla will get to roll around on it some.

And somebody else get pregnant so I can start on another one!  Something about sewing straight lines is very therapeutic.


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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    That is absolutely PRECIOUS! What a wonderful keepsake for your friend and her baby (besides being USEFUL) !

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