A Two Girls “Thankful Thirty” Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  The smell of cider.  The turkey roasting in the oven.  Pumpkin treats abound.  Meeting cousins you didn’t know existed.  Mmmm.  Everything about the season is delicious.

Keith and I flew into Chapel Hill, NC on Tuesday to visit with his father and step-mom and we had an awesome day today visiting the campuses of UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University and hitting a few shops at the mall.  Tomorrow we’ll be joined by Keith’s little brother and his wife and two daughters as well as approximately 40 other relatives at Grandma Bordeaux’s farm where we will chase Granny’s chickens (I’m trying to convince Keith that we need to get chickens), play football, swap funny stories from days gone by, and eat.  And then eat some more.

Mary-Hall and her family have big plans as well.  After cooking a double-portion of sweet-potato casserole (one portion for each side of the family), they will be heading out to spend the first half of the day with August’s family, then off to another cabin-by-a-lake (not Camp Johnson) to spend the rest of the weekend with Mar-Hall’s family; cooking, crafting, playing football and possibly cramming in some banjo playing.

Since we won’t be hanging out together on this particular holiday, Mary-Hall and I decided to celebrate this Thanksgiving by doing what we do best: making a list.  A list of 30 things to be exact.  Thankfulness has already been a theme on the blog, but since there’s a whole holiday dedicated to it tomorrow (and since I never shared any of the things I was thankful for with you), we bring you Thirty Things We’re Thankful For.

(1-15 are Mary-Hall’s and 16-30 are Bethany’s)

  1. My happy, healthy son who is a constant source of amusement.
  2. My hardworking loving husband.
  3. Ransom’s two great-grandmothers, Memaw and Granny.  I wish he could’ve gotten to know our other grandparents, but I’m super thankful for those we have left.
  4. My first niece Layla who will be arriving soon.  So excited to meet her and have more babies in the family.
  5. All the generations of family in between – our siblings and our parents.
  6. Living closer to our family.  That’s the primary reason we moved back and it has already paid off.  Ransom knows everyone’s name and loves to go see all his grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, and uncles now and that wouldn’t have happened from Colorado.  I’m thankful that this holiday season, the time we spend together will just be normal family time, no additional stress to make everything perfect since we won’t see the folks for several months.
  7. Good health. I may complain about how many colds I get from living with a toddler who’s in daycare but seriously, me and my whole family are unfairly blessed in the health department.  I’ve been reminded of this when I fill out new health histories at our new doctors.  I don’t deserve it and good health certainly won’t last forever but I am thankful for it right now.   And no one has a cold right now either.
  8. The US of A.  Sure, we have a lot of room for improvement but I believe I won the jackpot of countries to be born in and I take that blessing for granted every day.
  9. A warm house to live in.  Y’all know I have a love/hate relationship here the Camp but it truly is a blessing to have so much flexibility.
  10. My amazing job.  Okay my job is not THAT amazing but the fact that my company lets me work part-time AND from home, now that is unheard of.  Literally!
  11. My cellphone.  Is there a place for trivial material possessions on this list?  Sure why not.  My phone keeps me sane, organized, connected, and not lost {as much}.  It is a blessing.
  12. My dearest girl friends.  They are the sisters I never had.  They have each been there for me when I needed them the most, and I’m insanely blessed by each one.  And I owe a couple of them a phone call.
  13. My 30×30 list and this blog. Its made this year different from the ones before it and has spurred my life in new directions, and I’m very thankful for that.
  14. A warm bonfire on a cool night with toasted marshmallows.  I’m headed there now.
  15. The four miles I’m gonna run tomorrow and then follow-up with turkey and dressing and sweet potatoes and green beans and so on and so on..
  16. Keith: who is not only an amazing person, but who happens to be an excellent husband as well.
  17. A cozy house to live in that happens to be in our favorite neighborhood in Nashville.
  18. Booger….the silliest cat to ever walk the earth who keeps us entertained daily and who totally understands his role as “protector of Mommy” and snuggles with me when Keith is out-of-town.
  19. That Keith and I still have all of our collective 4 parents and 2 step-parents with us and that they are all healthy and happy.  We are so grateful for this amazing group of people who raised us and who continue to be an incredible family into adulthood.  Much love to Mason, Barbara, Pat, Rick, Ed and Dreama for the wonderful parents you all are to us.
  20. A job that I love where I get to play violin, organize things, participate in ministry, support others involved in ministry, be creative, use my skill set in its entirety, travel, meet amazing people, and contribute financially to our family as well.
  21. For Tony, Rukia and Wondosen, our amazing Compassion sponsor children who remind me every day how God is intricately involved in the lives of each of His children no matter where on the globe we are.  Nothing makes me evaluate my faith more than knowing a 16-year-old boy in the Dandora slum in Kenya is praying for me.
  22. My husband’s job.  To know that he can support us by doing something that: a) he loves b) he’s good at c) that makes an impact on the world,  is an amazing thing.
  23. St. Bartholomew’s Church in Green Hills where Keith and I attend (and joined this past summer.)  It’s an incredible community of faith where we feel cared for, connected to folks we love, and inspired by the way the Gospel is taught and presented.
  24. Being 14 pounds thinner than I was last January.  I sleep better.  I have more energy.  And all the jeans I bought in college fit again.  Winning.
  25. No student loans or car payments.  Somehow, Keith and I made it through a collective two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree without owing SallyMae or FannieSue or whoever a dime.  And both our cars are paid off and still functional.  (Knock on wood.)
  26. Friends (new and long-time) that support me, shop for cheap home decor with me, cry with me, make me laugh, drive to meet me for lunch when I’m passing through for 20 minutes, house-sit when we leave town, text to check in, etc. etc.  I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this kind of love from this many people, but I’m eternally grateful for the community I have in Nashville….and beyond.
  27. My sweet Granny who is still taking the world by storm at age 98.5.  She may not be sewing underwear for my Barbie dolls anymore, or turning out dozens of pecan sandies in the kitchen, or making snowmen with me in the front yard, but I’m grateful for her life and the huge impact she has had on me.
  28. My Frye boots that I scored for the cheap cheap on Ebay last year.  Shallow?  Perhaps.  But I love them.  They make me feel sassy….and every 30-year-old deserves to feel sassy every now and then.
  29. That my family all got to be together last month to celebrate my dad turning 70!  My incredible brother Michael drove about 26 hours round-trip to be there and it was lovely to celebrate and catch up with sibling and cousins and nieces and nephews that we rarely get to see.
  30. That I got to vote in the last election.  I watched Lincoln last week and it reminded me that it wasn’t long ago that women didn’t have a voice in politics, and even though my vote doesn’t have the hugest impact when you think about it with the electoral college and all, still…the fact that I can legally go and participate in a democratic vote is a pretty big deal.

It’s funny as I look back over our lists, that they are a bit similar, but I guess so are our 30×30 lists, so that’s no huge shocker there.  And I know we’d both agree that we’re thankful for you guys, our readers as well.  We are continually shocked when close friends, acquaintances, and family alike say things like, “Oh…and I LOVE your blog!  You guys are great!”  We’re humbled that you folks enjoy our chattering and keep coming back for more.

May you and your family all have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.



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3 responses to “A Two Girls “Thankful Thirty” Thanksgiving”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    M-H: I’m so happy for you that you’re back in Dixie and closer to your family (I’ll bet your folks are pretty excited about that too!) And I’m grateful that you and Bethany share a friendship that has thrived, despite attending different schools, living in different states, etc. etc.

    B: I’m happy that you have so many wonderful people in your life (especially Keith) and have found such fulfillment in all that you do. AND I am grateful for YOU – for everything about you.
    (P.S. Granny’s 98.5) 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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