Christmas at the Camp

Merry Christmas blog readers.  It has been a rough Christmas season for many, hasn’t it?  At this point, I can’t process the tragedy except to be thankful for what I have and try to be cognizant that life is very very short and there are no guarantees on earth but only in heaven.  I have much, so much to be thankful for.

Sharing all the Christmas festivities and revelry with Ransom has been a highlight this year.  He’s at an age where everything is fascinating and wonderful, and that kind of spills over to the rest of us too.   So here is a tour of our living room at the Camp, decked out for the season.  Lately I am trying very hard to “use what I’ve got” rather than buying new anything, and you know what, its working out just fine.


Who else has a projector screen in their living room?

For the first time in my married life, our Christmas tree has a TOP.  I made it in 5 minutes out of cardboard, a coat hanger, and LOTS OF GLITTER.  I kind of love it.  The wreath was an unexpected gift.  The stockings came straight down from the Camp’s attic, they’re from my husband’s childhood.  All in all, it makes for a homey, cheery place and I will miss it when its gone.

My sweet sister-in-law Ashley and I had a designated craft day over Thanksgiving. Oh friends, let me tell you, that will become an annual tradition. We had such a blast. I picked out projects that I thought would make nice, easy, kid-proof additions to the tree.  Enter our friend Mr Elk:


He has a whole array of little friends too.  And, in case you’ve forgotten, glitter is SO MUCH FUN.  We got so into the glittery sparkly-ness that we also glittered a whole pack of mini clothespins, just because.  You can see a couple of them in the next pic.

The animal ornaments above and the simple paper garland below were inspired by Pinterest, of course.


And you know what else? We also have a train that runs around the base of the tree. Its hard to say who plays with it more, Ransom or his parents….


That’s our living room these days, folks.  Wish y’all could come over for a cup of cocoa.  Oh wait, its 75° out.  Chocolate milk?  I’m off to wrap gifts and such.  Wishing you all a joyous week!

OOOH PS.  On this note, I’m calling 7. Figure out how to take pictures that are in focus officially DONE.  Thanks in no small part to this blog and its need for photographic evidence, I am pretty comfortable with my new camera.  Yahoo!


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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    M-H, your living room looks SO cozy and homey! I love it. And the star on top of the tree looks perfect! Enjoy this special age with Ransom!

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