The Final Countdown

This post is kind of like the end of those movies where they show “follow up” pictures with little subtitles like “Jack and Jill later had 7 children and opened a successful cupcake shop”.  Those are always so satisfying even when they’re 100% fictional just like the rest of the movie…So here we go, a wrap up of the ole 30×30 list.  Warning:  Its gonna be LOOOOONG.

1. Make cinnamon rolls
I never did repeat the effort although I kinda thought about it for Christmas this year.  BUT, my mantra for Christmas was to take it easy.  So I bought some frozen Cinnabons from Wal-mart.  Guess what?  They were GROSS.  Maybe some time in 2013 I’ll restock my freezer with frozen homemade ones.

2. Cook for an entire week from scratch.
Proud to say that I’m still doing pretty good at this one.  Hamburger Helper is rare… Kraft Mac-N-Chese still happens.  Hello, I have a toddler. But seriously, I have developed a new system of freezing leftovers and when I don’t get around to cooking, I head for the freezer. Frankly the microwave defrost function is even easier than pre-processed astronaut food and tastes much better.

3. Grow vegetable garden
Well, as you all know I kinda punked out on this one and instead visited a farmer’s market.  That was a good experience though, and I just got a tip for an even more awesome spot selling veggies by the bushel. So yeah, canning and freezing, here we come. (Third consecutive mention of the freezer. I know.)

4. Crochet this one pattern that I’ve never been able to get right
The little eggs went off to their new home in a wee Swedish kitchen.  I made another gift from that book as well – a little pink bunny.  For Ransom, because he requested it, multiple times.  And don’t tell the eggs, but the bunny turned out WAY cuter.  I think the difference is in the yarn I used.


5. Sew an apron.
Did that.  Gave as wedding gift.

6. Take ballroom dancing lessons
Did that too.  Can’t remember even the first step.

7. Figure out how to take pictures that are in focus
I do love my new old camera, and I think it was well worth the $200 investment.  I still have OBVIOUS room for improvement but I’m satisfied with my progress.

8. Read one book per month
Well, I read 8 rather than 12 but hey – That’s better than zero. And there’s one more I may squeeze in before 1/1.

9.Get a pedicure.
Did it.  Loved it.  Too cheap to do it regularly.  HA.  True though.

10. Wear eyeliner
I paid a professional to apply it the first time, but guess what, I put a little on myself for a corporate Christmas party.  It didn’t look half bad.  But it DID cause another minor allergic reaction.  Fiddle.

11. Learn a new hairstyle
OOH, I should work on some more of those. Now that I telecommute, I can wear my hair however I flippin’ want to, with no judgement from anyone except the cat. Cats are pretty judgmental though.

12. Get ears pierced.
Love wearing earrings but my fears of sensitive skin were sorta true.  Its pure gold for this chick.  I’m exaggerating, pure silver is fine too.  And some hypoallergenic ones are fine too.  Otherwise, 3 hours in and I’ll have itchy ear lobes for a week.

13. Figure out what kind of wine I like.
Turns out I don’t like wine.  If I’m at a restaurant with my boss’s boss and need to look legitimate, then I aim for a “riesling”.  Otherwise, why put on airs when I can just order a margarita?

14. Go to a Caribbean island
Did it.  Loved it.  Want to go back.  Torn between going back to Jamaica or trying something new.  Oh how I love to try new things.  Any suggestions people?

15. Weekend trip to Moab
I am thankful that this list forced me to force my husband to drive us to Moab on one of our last weekends in Colorado.  What a great trip.  I miss the West and its plethora of national parks.


16. Take the train somewhere
Womp womp.  In Colorado, there are trains EVERYwhere.  Scenic trains.  Tourist trains.  Train museums.  In Mississippi, the options are quite a bit more limited. There’s Amtrak, and the train at the zoo. And we went out to the zoo in a last ditch effort of check this off the list, only to find that the train was out of service. So we rode the Merry-Go-Round instead. Alone. CREEPY!

The train ride has thus been postponed until we have a full weekend to devote to taking our Amtrak line to somewhere awesome.  You can ride it to New Orleans (4 hours) or Chicago (many hours).  Maybe this spring.

17. Take Ransom camping.
Ohh, he got the CUTEST sleeping bag for Christmas.  Maybe it will help him sleep better for our next trip.

18. Finish reading the entire Bible
Did it.  I’m contemplating starting over again on Jan 1.

19. Hang up family photos
Yep, I technically did this, even though the photos are currently just taped on top of some other frames.  I hemmed and hawed and finally decided I just can’t commit to framing things until we move in to our next house. On the upside? I kind of love having those old people looking out at us.  House guests may feel differently?


20. Clean out closet and dresser
Well yes, I cleaned them out and packed them into boxes that are still packed and in storage on the porch.  Neatly organized, mind you.

21. Finish re-upholstering couch
She was a beaut.  And some nice lady snatched her out of my yard about 20 minutes after listing her as free on Craigslist.  Possibly should’ve sold her for $50 huh.

22. Run the BolderBoulder 10K
Sea level is for sissies.  That’s the Bolder Boulder’s motto.  I later ran a quick 5K last summer too.  Shock of the century, I really like jogging.  Me and every other 20-40yr old female in the greater Jackson metro area.

23. Make a life list
Did.  I have to add something – own a farm animal.  I’m thinking pygmy goats.


24. List something on etsy
Did not.  This is complicated people. I have a few things I want to list but they are packed and I don’t know how to photograph them. And lets face it, Etsy starts and ends with photographs.

25. Write a children’s book
Public service announcement: Pregnancy and having a newborn wreak havoc on your hormones and I read somewhere that a lot of people get a surge of creativity… So if you fall into that category, be ready! I had this idea for a little girl’s adventure book, based on a true story, and I will write it one day but I haven’t yet. Its not the writing that scares me, its the illustrations.

And, one time in 5th grade gifted class, we did a project called “Written and Illustrated By” where we wrote an entire book and did all the drawing and binding and so forth. And guess what? Mine was titled “Into A Well” and it was …. bad. IS bad because I still have it somewhere. Will find and post for your amusement. And I really am not interested in my great idea ending up next to “Into a Well” in the halls of history because I didn’t do my idea justice.

After all, little girls need more adventure and less princess, IMHO.  So I will just wait until the creativity wave hits me again. Okay here’s a sneak peak:


26. Learn to play OCMS’s “Wagon Wheel” on the banjo.
You guys, I did this too. I even played it for my family. I’d kinda like to record it for you guys too but the problem is, I need a singer. I can’t sing and play at the same time, not even a little bit. And my husband who is a great singer is probably not down with singing for the internet on my 30×30 blog. I could ask him….

27. Go to the dentist!
We went TWICE this year.  YAAAY for us, not letting our good insurance premiums go to waste as we so often have.

28. Sell our house and move to Mississippi
Here I sit in Mississippi.

29. Take a Sabbath rest
Perhaps we should do this TOMORROW. Because that is the last weekend of the year.

30! Start a new blog!
We did.  And we’re gonna do it again.  On Jan 1.  Both of us of course.  Wahoo!

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  1. Momma Daniel says :

    Wow – you’ve accomplished SO MUCH this year – although somehow I think you’ve probably accomplished great things every year since you could walk and talk. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your ambitions!

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