We’ve Come to the End of the Road (but we can’t let go…..)

Can’t you hear Boys2Men crooning in your ear as you read that title?  I thought it was appropriate for a post recapping my year…..

In true co-blogging fashion, I’m yet again copying Mary-Hall’s blog post and giving you a little year-in-review…this time of my 30×30 list.  I feel like I should have Ryan Seacrest guest hosting, er, guest-blogging or something.  Buckle up.  Here we go!

1. Visit a New Country
I checked this off my list this year in two forms…by visiting Belize on a cruise in January, and then again by heading mainland Mexico in August for my 30th birthday.  (I’d been on a Mexican island before…but never the mainland.)  Keith also got to cross a new country off HIS list this year when he took a work trip to India three weeks ago!

2. Run (complete) a half marathon.
I did BOTH parts of number two this year!  I ran 12.6 miles of…and walked .5 miles of…the Rock ‘N’ Roll Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville, TN in April and then RAN every single step of the Rock ‘N’ Roll XFitness 1/2 Marathon in Chicago in July!  So I crossed the finish line in two out of two attempted 1/2 marathons in one year….one walk/run and one completely run.  And then I got runner’s knee.

3. Read a book a month.
This went well…for the first 8 months….I read my book a month.  and then I read several halves of books after that….and never finished them.  Currently in progress I have “The Fitting Room” by Kelly Minter and “Musicophilia” by Oliver Sacks.  Maybe someday I will finish them.

4. Learn to Use a circular saw.
This went well.  I made an awesome message board that I use every day in our kitchen.

5. Visit a new state OR major city.
I checked this one off by heading to Chicago this past summer.  It was an amazing trip! Maybe I can cross off a new state this coming year.

6.Cook a new recipe a month.
This was one of the best successes of the whole blog project.  I did cook my new recipe each month and since then I’ve been continuing to cook new recipes like crazy.  Especially now that I’m on this Paleo diet, I’m fixing up new things to eat right and left!

7. Reupholster an armchair or build a piece of furniture
I have a half-upholstered armchair in my shed from this list item.  I totally thought I could finish it, but hit a roadblock when the scalloped back of the chair required an industrial sewing machine.  I’m determined to finish this project in 2013.  I DID however add a shelf to the armoire in our living room, so I guess that’s kind of a little bit similar.  sort of.

8. Learn to change the oil in my car.
Yeah.  I’m still really good at finding coupons to the oil change place.

9. Lose 10 pounds.
DONE!  Not only did I accomplish this, I lost a total of 17 pounds between January 1st, 2012 and December 29th, 2012.  I accomplished this by running and calorie counting for the first half of the year, and then boot camp classes and shifting my eating habits to follow the Paleo diet starting about 2 months ago brought the rest of the weight sliding off.  I feel great!

10. Sew a Christmas stocking OR something really useful for my house.
I checked this off my list by sewing 6 throw pillow covers for my couch….and then bought two beautiful stockings at West Elm after christmas for 60% off.  Done and done.

11. Go caffeine free for 7 days straight.
This one took two tries thanks to a delicious chocolate delicacy that I couldn’t resist on day 6 of my first attempt at 7 days straight.  So I had to try again.  But the second time was a great success and these days since I’m hardcore with my Paleo diet, my caffeine intake is limited to an occasional cup of coffee, diet Coke or piece of dark chocolate.  Much better than last year.

12. Stop biting my nails.
A nasty habit I picked up around age four, and a lifelong battle.  Ended.  Done.  I no longer bite my nails, I get them manicured.  Easier on the hands, harder on the pocketbook.  I’ll take it.

13. Write a song.
This is actually halfway in progress.  I started a melody in church one morning on the bulletin…and I will finish it.  2013.  It will happen.

14. Stain master closet organizer
Whew!  This was a big one as well!  When we remodeled our house, the custom shelves I had build in the master closet never got stained or painted and the raw wood taunted me everytime I entered.  So I did a closet overhaul which included not only staining the wood a lovely color, but weeding out clothes, sewing curtains for the window in the closet (left over from the days when the closet was part of the kitchen), hanging a mirror on the closet wall, hanging a jewelry organizer on the wall and putting extra clothes in neatly labeled boxes.  Organization at its finest, people.

15. Surprise my husband (somehow)
I pulled this one off in grand fashion this past February when hubs turned 40 and I whisked him away for three days in New Orleans where we ate yummy food, listened to jazz, bummed around our amazing hotel, and saw the city on foot, taxi, horse-drawn carriage and cable car.

16. Taste one new food a month
This was another highly successful list item.  I not only tasted a new food a month from January-August, but then I kept on tasting like crazy.  This month alone I’ve tried brussel sprouts, butternut and acorn squash and last month I drank almond milk, FINALLY worked up the nerve to try asparagus again and liked it….my dietary horizons are expanding every day.

17. Blog more regularly.
This, folks, is my 98th post (and post number 202 for the Blog as a whole!) so I think that counts! I can’t believe that what started as an email from Mary-Hall last December has turned into something I do twice a week on an average!  And we ain’t stopping.  More on that in days to come!  Mary-Hall has been working her magic and we’ll have some exciting news to roll out soon!

18. Take a yoga class
I stretched and posed into all kinds of crazy positions this summer in the park in Chicago.  Namaste.

19. Do some sort of musical and kid-related volunteer project.
This item got added to the list by our friend Alice from highschool.  She suggested something involving my violin and a Title 1 school, and what evolved was teaching a one-session “intro to violin” workshop at a school in Huntsville, Alabama for kids in a particularly economically depressed area of town (where incidentally, my grandmother used to work in the early 1900’s!).  The kids paid attention and asked marvelous questions and I had a blast.  Thanks Alice for your awesome suggestion!

20. Take an official cooking class
I squeaked this in by attending a guacamole class on my birthday trip to Mexico.  (A nasty case of Montezeuma’s Revenge coupled with a tropical storm prevented me from also attending the ceviche class).  I would LOVE to take a real class this year.  The Whole Foods in Green Hills offers some excellent options so this year I’m going to plan ahead and take one.

21. Learn Bach’s Concerto No. 2 in E Major. 
I do know parts of this concerto now.  But I could not, by any stretch, perform the whole thing.  Maybe the beautiful wooden music stand that my parents gave me for Christmas will help me find some inspiration.

22. Memorize the Book of James
Inspired by Beth Moore’s challenge put forth in her study on the book of James, and a previous failed attempt in college, I thought this year would be the year.  But it wasn’t.  I did read the book several times through.

23. Watch Gone With the Wind
My lovely friend Annie of AnnieBlogs and I curled up in my living room one day with some fabulous cheese grits and other Southern fare and watched this slice of classic cinematography.  I cried.  I gasped.  Rhett didn’t give a da**.

24. Learn to speak Spanish conversationally
No habla Espanol.  Still.

25. Read at least through Luke 13 or the entire Bible.
I did make it to the New Testament which is quite a feat considering the begats and other various lists in the Old Testament can bog you down.  I’m going to keep going on this one.

26. Create a daily schedule.
I did this.  But I did it before I got a job and life changed a bit.  It’s one I consider checked off, but that I look forward to re-visiting.  I’d like to work daily times for running and reading (the Bible and other things) into my schedule as well as cooking dinner a few times a week and work and everything else that needs to be done.  I shall revamp and update you.

27. Eucharisteo
It started with reading a book and turned into a jar and then into a painting and a way of life.  I am THANKFUL for so many things tonight as I sit and reflect on the year past.

28. Family History Tour of Lincoln County, TN
We never did make it to Lincoln County this year.  Or figure out how my family is related to Jack Daniel.  I am moving this to the top of the 2013 priority list.

29. One week of no iPhone games.
I did this with great determination and success, but I probably need to revisit it again as I’ve gotten back to my old techno-gaming self. (Angry Birds seasons had an update…..).  But smoking my husband, niece, brother-in-law and mother-in-law in Words With Friends is just too fun to stop….

30. Complete a sprint length triathlon.
I also managed to swim, run and bike my way across the finishline in Hendersonville this past year…in between my first and second half marathons.  It was crazy.  But I finished.  And I’m going to do it again, thanks to the awesome new triathlon suit my parents gave me for Christmast this year!  Bring it.

As I look back over what I did and didn’t accomplish in the past 12 months, I find it quite comical that most of what I completed required a lifestyle change: running, eating a new diet, not biting my fingernails….but some of the things that I could have just taken an afternoon to do DIDN’T happen like the oil change or finishing that dang chair.  Was it really easier to change my entire life instead of accomplish a simple goal?  It’s so funny how my brain works.

In other news, I want chickens.  And a compost pile.  And you were worried the blog might end……..pshaw.  These “Two Girls” are just getting started……..

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2 responses to “We’ve Come to the End of the Road (but we can’t let go…..)”

  1. pbrowder says :

    You have had a wonderful year and it has been fun sharing it with you through your blog. Can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for you. I am sure it will be just as amazing!

  2. Momma Daniel says :

    So excited to read a summary of your endeavors and accomplishments this past year. I definitely could use you to perform an “intervention” on my closet!
    And meeting Jack Daniel’s great niece (re: cookbook) might sort of quality somewhat distantly to your Lincoln County research. Looking forward to the next exciting episode…………

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