A New Leaf

Hello sad, neglected little blog.  We haven’t forgotten you, just lost our way a little bit.  But now, all is settled and you have a brand new name.


If anyone clicks on that, they’ll end up… right back here actually. You still have your old name.  So, basically, now you have two names.

AND, you have a new header image, which is really important for blogs when they are turning over a new leaf.

And soon, I promise to write you a real post too.


Yours truly,


About Mary-Hall

loyal southerner, exceedingly frugal, compulsive DIYer

One response to “A New Leaf”

  1. Momma Daniel says :

    I’ve missed updates from “my girls,” but am so glad we enjoyed the opportunity to see you and your beautiful family over the holidays – AND got to spend last weekend with Bethany!

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