The Bangles: A FotoFriday with a Trim

Bethany says:

Just like one should never go to the grocery store hungry, or to Target with money in one’s pocket, I learned today that it’s also not wise to go to the hairdresser discontent with one’s current haircut.  Or maybe that’s exactly the state one should go in….

I’ve been thinking about getting bangs for about ten years now.  I even claimed to have gotten bangs last June….but lets face it….I still looked the same.  (A childhood friend claimed I still looked the same as when I was 10.  So. Yeah.  Mission NOT accomplished.) But every time I go to the hairdresser, I chicken out.  I get all timid the minute my butt hits that pleather chair, and I walk out looking the same as I did walking in…minus the dead ends.  I’ve changed hairdressers about 10 times thinking that’s what I needed.  A new stylist would surely do the trick.  But then I give each one the same set of parameters and thus, I look the same Every. Time. For. Years.

I’ll spare the the details of the morning, but suffice to say I marched in to the The Green Pea salon and plopped down in Erika’s chair and basically said, “I-think-I-want-bangs-cut-them-now-before-I-change-my-mind.”  And cut them she did.  And I loved them.


hair credit: Erika Wright @ Green Pea Salon.

And then I got home and husband and I had a mild freak-out and decided neither of us were sure we liked them.  And then I cried.  And then I did what every wise girl does in situations of glamour-gone-awry…..I took an iPhone self portrait and texted it to the besties….who both gave the instant stamp of approval involving kind words, comparisons to Alexa Chung, and other forms of encouragement.  And then I loved them again.  And then husband decided HE loved them.  And then in a weird twist of same-wavelength-blogger/bestie-happenstance, I got a text from Mary-Hall and this joint post was born……


from Mary-Hall:

I promise we don’t plan this stuff or even talk to each other that often.  So when I got Bethany’s photo and text, I felt a shudder of both excitement and terror, for I had my own hair appointment in 5 hours and similarly crazy plans.  If B did it, then well so could I, right?  But hair terror? Yes, that is a real thing.  For me though, the terror faded quickly.

Bethany’s gorgeous NATURALLY highlighted brown locks have been always been long and have always looked beautiful, even when she hasn’t even brushed it in 4 days.  I, however, have had the blessing of experiencing many many different hair phases – long, short, curly, frizzy, straight, horribly hacked by a barber in China, been there done that.  Moral of that story: bad haircuts are really no biggie.  They always grow out.

So I also marched into the salon and gave the stylist full control.  I guess it was “big-chunky-bangs” day for stylists across the Southern US, ’cause that’s what I got!  I like them a lot.  I’m not super stoked about the rest of the haircut {yet} besides the bangs, but you know what?  That problem is easily solved – ponytail!


So BLAM.  Mark it down in history.  March 7, 2013.  The day we both got bangs. For the first time ever (Bethany) and for the first time since.. oh, 1987-ish (me).


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  1. Anonymous says :

    A dual comment from MommaDaniel here: I LOVE BOTH of you in big chunky bangs and am jealous that my own hair is so fine – especially my bangs. Now, I must admit I actually prefer the texted big-smiley picture that Bethany first sent – but love this one too, with the big-eyed, Zooey Dechanel look. M-H, I haven’t seen you with bangs before, but think you look great! Congrats to both of you on your daring (but not totally permanent) new look! 🙂 Love ya both.

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