The latest journey

So I’m sitting at a gate at BNA, the good ole Nashville International Airport. I was here yesterday too. And the day before that. Last night I saw my dear friend Amy at baggage claim. We hadn’t seen each other in about two weeks. And my friend Keely had gotten out the door only moments before Amy and my boss Kelly and I rolled up to claim our luggage. This whole scenario made me realize how crazy life really is.

Today was spring forward day which only compounded the exhaustion already lurking in my bones. I got home from Ohio last night and immediately went to work finishing up details from that trip and getting ready for today’s trip. Fortunately, I’m a little OCD so I’d already made some preparations.

Today, Keith and I are headed to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) India with Student Life Camps and Compassion International. I’m thankful, overwhelmed, excited and a million other emotions I can quite put into words right now.

We appreciate your prayers and thoughts for safe travel. I’m sure to post along the way (pretty certain that a few tasting-new-foods adventures await me) and give a full report when I get home.


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2 responses to “The latest journey”

  1. pbrowder says :

    We will definitely be praying for you both and can’t wait to hear all the details.

  2. Mary-Hall says :

    My thoughts and prayers will be with y’all!

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