If it’s Friday, this must be Virginia……Part 1

I always start off strong blogging on trips and then jet lag sets in and I end up not being as faithful to post as I’d set out to be.  This trip to India was no exception.  A few solid posts, then…..crickets.   Right now I’m sitting in my hotel room in Fredricksburg, Virginia. “Virginia?” you say.  “I thought you were in India.  Or Amsterdam.  Or back in Nashville.”  Yes.  I’ve traveled a few miles since last I posted. Let me catch you up to speed via a photo-tour of the past few days.  Speaking of photos and traveling and Mary-Hall, you may have noticed the new “Insta Pics!” sidebar feature on the blog.  That came about when I texted MH from India and asked her to figure out how to make that happen….and she did.   In like 30 minutes.  Because she’s the awesome-est.

Our third and final project visit was to a CSP project.  The Child Survival Program is an amazing arm of Compassion that works with mothers and babies from pregnancy to 3 years old.  These moms gave us a sweet reception and we loved spending time with them, learning about the amazing things they are accomplishing, serving them lunch, buying their needlework, and holding their babies.  We also had a sweet visit with one of the mothers in her home.


Mothers and toddlers in the CSP program shower us with flowers outside the project!


Young mother and her son with the sewing machine she uses at the Compassion project to make clothes and other sewn goods to sell to make a living.


I’m not sure which one of us was more content. The momma had to practically pry her 5 month old daughter away from me. sweetest moment of the trip.

We also had an awesome time visiting a church for a Sunday morning worship service.  So fun to see the LDP students teach songs to the congregation, translate the pastor’s sermon from Hindi to English, and share some of their own stories.

Children from the local church singing songs in Sunday service.  So cute!

Children from the local church singing songs in Sunday service. So cute!

We were thrilled to get some sightseeing time in as well.  India is such a beautiful country and we wanted to experience the culture as well as spend time with Compassion.  A highlight was a trip to the local market where I purchased a beautiful saree (I’ll post photos once I learn how to wear it!!!) some curry spices and Darjeeling tea.  We also took a boat ride on the Ganges river with the LDP students.  So fascinating to see all the Hindu temples that line the river and people bathing (clothed) on the steps that lead into the water.  We also got to visit the Victoria Memorial….essentially a palace built in honor of Queen Victoria (outside of which we also accidentally crashed a super awkward Bollywood music video shoot) and took a horse and carriage ride around a lovely park.  And all the girls got Henna tatoos.


my beautiful saree. such amazing fabric


Neha, me and Sudeshna. My two favorite Indians cruising the Ganges!


These two could be models. For reals. Not sure about the one in the center. haha.


Keith and I on our carriage ride around the park! Love getting to travel the world with this amazing man.


our carriage ponies.

And that’s officially all I have energy for tonight….but there’s more to the journey, so I’m making this post a two-parter.  And then I swear I’ll let Mary-Hall have a turn at blogging again.  🙂


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  1. Anonymous says :

    Momma Daniel here! What an exciting trip you must have enjoyed! I love all the pictures, but especially the one of you and Keith in the carriage! You both look so happy!

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