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Lately it’s been all travel and crafts and recipes here on Two Girls Turning Thirty so I thought it was high time I brought you another book review….or two in one.  Last year when I was working on my 30×30 list, I set the goal to read a book a month and I did just that.  My husband then discovered the website Good Reads which is basically a social networking site for bookworms.  🙂  You set up a free account and then can track the books you have read, are reading, want to read….you can leave reviews, become “friends” with people you know (or don’t know!) and read their reviews, check out their bookshelves, etc.  It’s really great!  You can also set a reading goal of books to read in a year and track them through the site letting you know if you’re behind, or a head, and by how much. Husband set a goal of 30 books for this year.  (that’s 2.5 books a month!  yikes!)  Not to be outdone, I also set a 30 book goal and I’m a little behind, but catching up steadily.  I thought I’d bring you mini reviews of two recent reads.

This past year has been an all-out-full-speed-ahead-grab-bag-roller-coaster-o-change. I don’t need to recount all that has happened, but suffice to say, they winds of change, they are a blowin’. One of the most notable changes for me has been vocational. This past August 20th, I came on board as the personal assistant/road manager/violinist to speaker/author/singer/Bible teacher Kelly Minter. The months that followed have been wonderful.  I absolutely adore both my new job and my new boss.  However, she has written 4 Bible studies and 3 books plus has about 5 CDs of music, so it’s been like drinking from a fire hydrant to take in all of her material and KNOW it well enough to explain it to readers at the product table, answer email questions, etc. in such a short period of time.  I started with her books and read The Fitting Room on my trip to Mexico in January.

I love her writing style…it’s conversational and easy enough to follow that you can breeze through it without getting a headache or juggling a concordance, Bible and dictionary to understand what she’s talking about.  But don’t let that fool you.  It’s also deep and powerful and provides an opportunity for us to look at our lives and examine our hearts.  I feel so freed of the need to strive to be the sort of person I feel like a follower of Christ is “supposed to be” and encouraged that all I really need to do is love the person of Jesus and God the Father and the rest falls into line.  It’s like I had the process as the goal instead of the end product.  I’m halfway through her book No Other Gods now and I’m loving that as well. (p.s. just know if you purchase anything from her website, I’m the one personally packaging up your order and sending it your way!  just a fun fact.)


After giving my spirit a little check up, I figured it was high time I worked on my body again, so I picked up Born to Run at my local REI store and tore through that on the endless flights home from India last week.  I love how McDougal also writes so conversationally as he recounts tales of ultramarathons, epic trail-races and a long-lost tribe of Mexican ultrarunners.  By the end of the book I was convinced that I too could run 50 miles barefoot through the mountains of Mexico.  (Instead I ran 5 miles in tennis shoes through the streets of Nashville, but whatever.)  McDougal starts as a mediocre runner in search of help learning to run without back and knee pain and what unfolds is an epic adventure sure to appeal to anyone with a spirit of adventure, or at least the appreciation of one.


So there you go.  Two book reviews on two TOTALLY different topics.  The character of Christ, and ultrarunning.  Oh that I could be good at both.  And if you join GoodReads, be sure to friend request me!

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  1. Anonymous says :

    “Anonymous” Mama Daniel here! I, too, enjoyed and was amazed at the spiritual maturity of Kelly in The Fitting Room as well as Water Into Wine. No wonder you enjoy working with one another.

    Regarding “Born to Run,” I could swear that one was a story about a horse! 🙂

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