New House – The Good

Today was our home inspection.  (Thankfully, there were no huge surprises.)  The inspector was very thorough, so we got a little extra time to wander around the place and take it all in.  We are getting more and more excited about our {potential} upcoming move.

This house has been for sale for over six months, and we saw this listing when it first hit the MLS.  Our reaction at the time was basically “wow, that is ALMOST perfect.”  Then we spent six months looking at stuff that was FAR from perfect to get over the “almost” part.  Turns out, the *almost perfect* place for us is very rare indeed.  Nothing else even came close.

What we want is apparently not what most other people want.  August has an aversion to subdivisions.  I have an aversion to most recent architectural styles.  August wants big huge trees.  I want a decent school district.  Couple all that together and you’ve just ruled out 99% of the metro area.  I’m not kidding!

So in the end, we decided to look more closely at this place.  After a little more worrying, we realized that problems were mostly cosmetic.  So we made an offer and the rest is history.

I’m going to break this post into three parts, spaghetti-western-syle, so today let’s only talk about the “Good”.  I’ll cover the “bad” and the “ugly” later.

The style of the house is not easily classifiable.  Probably “modern” I guess.  A more descriptive genre would be “nature center” or “state park welcome center” or “girl scout regional headquarters”.  Here’s our nature center:


So yeah, its a little bit outside of your typical residential box.  But you know what, I think it suits us.

Inside, the ceilings are vaulted throughout the house. We will have room to hang EVERYTHING.


There are random walls of exposed brick in several areas, and I really like them.  The kitchen is large and open.  The cabinets are already painted which saves me from having to convince August to let me do it.  Lots and lots of storage space.


Just off the dining area is an awesome screened porch.  Ransom will love this so much.  The floor is green and the ceiling is light blue and I like them both.


Moving outside, there’s already a huge fenced garden area. I think the fence is to keep deer out.


To manage that huge garden, we’re going to need a tractor. Voila!


If nothing else, Ransom will spend time every day sitting on the old thing.

A babbling brook? Check. Two brooks, actually. The woods really are lovely, not too grown up and plenty of huge old trees.


I am fantasizing about learning how to can my own fig preserves and putting up pecans and so on. Maybe get those cute goats. Some chickens? Bethany is in the middle of become an urban chicken farmer, so this blog may tick a little more over to the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ track. Not that we were ever too far from there anyway.


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6 responses to “New House – The Good”

  1. Hannah Norén says :

    Wow, it’s finally happening! I have high hopes that it will not always look like state park welcome center after you are done fixin’ it up. Congrats!

  2. bethanybordeaux says :

    oh my goodness. I’m so so excited to see non-zillow related photos. This place has potential out the wazoo. I can’t wait to see [all the blogs about] how you customize, redecorate and make the place generally cuter and more functional. Love love it.

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